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Event Management is an extreme creativity field and candidates need to possess excellent communication skills as well as be willing to work odd and long hours in order to be successful in this field. Event management as a career requires people management apart from handling props and taking care of logistics.

Event management includes a variety of functions for executing large-scale events, which might include conferences, conventions, concerts, trade shows, festivals, and ceremonies. It involves handling the overall logistics of the event, working with staff, and conducting project management of the event as a whole.

Additional duties might include managing the budget and the teams of people responsible for each function, as well as overseeing the execution of the event. Event managers also supervise the services of all outside vendors and professionals, including event planners.


We consider ourselves an exciting event management company defined by our highly personal and creative approach in event management.

“DARE TO BE DIFFERENT” is what we live by.

As a full-fledged event management company, OHMYEVENT provides an extensive range of services including consultation, conceptualization and planning,

event management and logistic support. We are powered by a team of experienced event engineers with a wealth of experience in shows and Public Relation Campaign. We have served clients from all walks of life including corporations, government agencies, media and advertising agencies. OHMYEVENT is known in the industry for its highly personal and creative approach. Our events management services are unique and we produce high quality events customised to your business needs. There are no second chances when executing successful events – when the doors open, the lights dim, it’s show time and with OHMYEVENT as your event partner nothing is left to chance.

We pride ourselves on consistently delivering excellent service tailored to the requirements of our customers. At each stage of the work process, we strive to deliver a magical and unforgettable experience to our clients.

VISION: To be the #1 choice in the event management consultancy industry.

MISSION: By laying a strong framework to your desired event concept, we will execute them flawlessly to bring forth a lasting memory for years to come.



We maximise the returns of every dollar invested in your project, ensuring that they are justified to the fullest!


Our creative teams are immensely experienced in this dynamic field, guaranteeing exciting and fascinating concepts.


We cradle and nuture your event to completion. We also handle structural work at the venue and ensure errors are corrected.


As OHMYEVENT, we believe that you deserve the best show configuration. We promise excellent results at an affordable rate.


As OHMYEVENT, we believe that you deserve the best show configuration. We promise excellent results at an affordable rate.

1. Event Management: From pre-event planning to post-event support, we strive to ensure a lasting memory for you and your guests.

2. Complete Site Management: Your event venue will be organised and presented in the best possible way!

3. Artiste/Manpower Management: OHMYEVENT prides on getting the latest exciting performances for your event.

4. Audio Visual/Lighting Production: Innovative technical solutions with our range of state-of-the-art equipment to dazzle your guests.

5. Creative Design Solutions: We produce personalised event collaterals, tailored to add more significance to your event!

6. Photography & Videography: Our professionals will capture the beautiful and magical moments of your event.

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