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Food wastage

Every year, roughly 1.3 billion tonnes of food produced for human use is lost or squandered. Consumers in developed nations waste nearly as much food (222 million tonnes) as Sub-Saharan Africa’s whole net food output each year (230 million tonnes). More than half of the world’s yearly cereal harvest (2.3 billion tonnes in 2009/2010) is lost or squandered every year. Food waste hastens the loss of a lot of resources including water, land, energy, labor, and capital, and it produces unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to global warming and climate change.

What is OLIO?

OLIO is a free app that links people who have leftover food (from their homes or local businesses) with those who want it. OLIO recognizes the current scenario of food wastage on this planet and works towards reducing it. The platform brings together neighbors and Food Waste Hero volunteers with local businesses to encourage people to share food (and other items) rather than throwing them away. Their aim is to unlock the value of food that is thrown away in the household and community. Their solution involves the collaboration of neighbors to address this wasteful culture. This platform heeds the world’s most pressing problem: climate change in a practical, enjoyable, and scalable manner. If food waste were a nation, it would rank third in the world in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, trailing only China and the United States.

Current Status of OLIO

Tessa Clarke and Saasha Celestial-One, two businesswomen, created OLIO in 2016. OLIO began as a hyper-local experiment in north London and has now grown into a worldwide sharing movement. They currently have 1.8 million members worldwide who have shared over 3.4 million meals. This is the same as saving 2,898 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere and removing 9,852,126 miles from the road. Through their Food Waste Heroes initiative, they also assist hundreds of businesses in achieving their zero food waste targets. The Food Waste Heroes associated with the initiative, rescue leftover food from top merchants, caterers, hotels, restaurants, workplaces, schools, and photo shoots and securely re-distribute it to the local community via OLIO platform.

Tessa Clarke, Co-founder, and CEO

She grew up on a dairy farm in North Yorkshire, England. She single-handedly experienced farm management and animal husbandry practices such as the feeding of cows and shifting of cattle. As a consequence, she has always been aware of the effort that goes into creating the food that we all consume. As a result, she grew up believing that food should be consumed rather than thrown away. On December 17, 2014, as she was packing up her apartment in Switzerland in preparation for her return to the United Kingdom she noticed leftover sweet potatoes, a full white cabbage, and several yogurt pots. All of the food had to be thrown away, according to the removal workers, which she felt uncomfortable doing. With her newborn baby and toddler, she headed out with this food to find someone to give it to, even though she still had a lot to pack up. From that very moment, the idea of a platform like OLIO surfaced in her mind. She created the MVP (minimum viable product) version of the software with the help of their first investor, Simple web, a development business.

Their core values

  • They are an ALL-INCLUSIVE organization.

Everyone may use OLIO. The founders believe that it’s a mindset, not a group of people. The umbrella of OLIO welcomes anybody who wishes to help them achieve their goals.

  • They are RESOURCEFUL

The entire team discourages waste of any kind. Time is their most valued possession which they utilize economically to endure minimal food wastage.

  • They are CONCERNED.

Within the OLIO community, they are compassionate in their actions and words toward one another, themselves, and the environment.

  • They have a STRONG desire to succeed.

The founders believe in global expansion. They are mission-driven, and their goal is to have 1 billion OLIOers in ten years.

  • Industry : Environmental Services

  • Company size : 11-50 employees

  • Type : Privately Held

  • Founded : 2016

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