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Oliphenol LLC

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Science has expanded and advanced itself in various fields and has proven its importance time and again. One of the most successful expansions that science has made in the last 50 years is ‘Biotechnology.’ It has improved human lives and saved millions. According to statistics, biotechnology has helped millions of people with more than 230 new biotech drugs and vaccines. So, here I would like to mention an industry named Oliphenol LLC the first-class science to support the health and wellness industry. Harnessing the power of organic olives to support immunity, promote longevity, and a better life. They bring the health benefits of olive polyphenols to the world.

Hidrox® Oliphenol LLC proprietary formulation of olive polyphenols and other minor olive phytochemicals is a unique food ingredient that Oliphenol LLC offers you with more than two decades of experience in health and wellness and medical biotech industry. Their commitment to science is unmatched by competition and they provide you with a unique, patented blend of olive polyphenols that have been clinically tested for performance and quality. The number of scientific studies and clinical experience with Hidrox® is available to you for comparison and selection of the most impressive natural olive polyphenols formulation for your needs.

Their years of thorough research and expertise guarantee the users with a higher concentration of Hydroxytyrosol from 100% organic olives and unmatched performance as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial.

Why choose them?

Oliphenol LLC is committed to the highest degree of safety and quality. Their formulation of olive polyphenols was the first to be subjected to the most stringent test for safety and absence of side effects. Hidrox was certified GRAS already by 2005. More recently, they have formally requested the FDA to review an amended GRAS dossier which includes safety tests and results for Hidrox and olive polyphenols of the last fifteen years.

Oliphenol LLC is strongly committed to exploring with the best laboratories in the world the various health benefits that one can expect using Hidrox in your daily diet and/or in your products. They have established collaborations with prominent scientists in Japan, Europe, and United States to unfold a wide range of beneficial effects on health and wellness, including studies for the management of Parkinson’s disease and other neurodegenerative disorders, and more recently the potential use of Hidrox as an antiviral natural agent for the management of Covid-19, influenza and other pathogenic viral infections.

Oliphenol LLC has hired a skilled team of managers and experts to serve you and your products needs with the highest degree of professionalism and integrity. They have established their offices and distribution chain in key strategic countries of the world, with their distribution chain in Japan (Tokyo), China (Xiamen), Hong Kong, Canada (Ontario), United States (North Carolina), and Europe (Sweden and Germany). They are committed to delivering the health and industrial benefits of olive polyphenols to the World.

Their manufacturing capabilities include the partnership with two “organic certified” companies in Northern California, the first, Enzo Oil, Fresno, to access organic pomace for the extraction of the olive juice from 100% organic olives, and the second, Specialty Concentrates, in Madera for the “organic” processing of the olive pomace into finished Hidrox®.

Website- https://oliphenol.com/

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