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One Click Metal

Eturi Corp pl6
The system solution for metal 3D printing

One lick Metal is a young and innovative industrial-B2B based in Tamm near Stuttgart. The whole idea for One Click Metal came from a simple thought: Could metal 3D printing be accessible to the public and less expensive than the market currently shows? What kind of system would have to be developed for this? With almost 20 employees, they are constantly working on new and innovative product solutions. They are a colorful diversity of women and men who contribute their experience and professional knowledge every day with great motivation and thus help them to move forward as a company. They value flexibility and at the same time reliability. Ultimately, the customer needs a product that can solve his problems. This is the core approach of their development and along this line, their product solutions are created: well, thought out, and made with mind.

Step-by-step instructions and the poka-yoke design help you to operate their BOLD SERIES. Therefore, you can ensure immediate success and avoid any costly mistakes. Their step-by-step instructions show you exactly what to do. Preparing, starting, and cleaning: Easy-to-understand instructions for each phase of the printing process.

Their product solution:

  • Data preparation: The MPREP is the low-cost solution for data preparation and makes expensive additional software unnecessary. With pre-settings and automatic calculations, data preparation is easier than ever.
  • Print preparation: Before you start printing, you have to prepare it accordingly. The user interface (also called HMI = Human Machine Interface) of the system will help you and guide you with their step-by-step instructions through the individual action sequences. Every time you complete an action, you can check it off and start the next one.  This ensures that you won’t forget anything and the printing process can get started.
  • Printing process: Due to the user-oriented machine control the handling of the metal 3D printer has turned into an easy task. Quality at a low price: The usage of their powerful fiber laser (200W) is based on Trumpf’s laser expertise and thus benefits from many years of experience. The cartridge system ensures safe and clean powder handling.
  • Unpacking process: By external interventions, the component can be unpacked and depowered without direct powder contact. Once processed, the powder is stored in a collection cartridge. The powder can be removed with a closed unpacking chamber without direct powder contact thanks to the integrated ATEX connection.
  • Sieving process: Once processed, the powder is purified by the integrated ultrasonic sieving station. The sieved and recycled powder will be collected in a cartridge and can be re-used directly for the next print job.

In product development, their most important guiding principle is to make product solutions as simple and uncomplicated as possible. This is the only way they can ensure that every user, regardless of their prior or specialist knowledge, can successfully use their products and the technology behind them. They want to encourage and empower the talent that is out there to try new things and not be put off by complexity.

They believe that technologies do not have to be de facto complicated and thus only available to a select group of users. They want to reduce the complexity of technologies and in this way make them understandable and accessible to everyone.


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