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P & T Architects and Engineers Ltd

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“Committed to the pursuit of excellence in the architectural and engineering field.”

P&T Group is an award-winning, global design firm, providing clients with innovative, commercially successful, and sustainable design solutions since its inception in 1868. Consistently ranked in the top largest consultancies in the world, their 1600-plus architects, engineers, urban designers, and interior designers operate in over 70 cities, on an excess of 10 million square meters of combined floor area, annually. By sheer volume and a shared commitment to design excellence with each project, their work has, and will, continue to positively transform communities and improve lives.

P&T Group is an energetic team of diverse talents with technical expertise in architecture, engineering, interior, and urban design, all dedicated to the pursuit of place-making. With a results-oriented, collaborative approach, they acknowledge that successful projects involve many individuals working closely towards a common goal.

As such, they are organized as a privately held company headquartered in Hong Kong, where directors frequently convene to share ideas and maintain group ideologies, while connecting and collaborating with professional staff within the various office locations such as mainland China, Singapore, Thailand, Macau, and Dubai. The Group’s global experience is combined with local knowledge to bridge the gap between cultures and disciplines and to collectively exceed clients’ expectations.

Their initiatives:

  • P & T scholarship: As part of their commitments to nurturing the next generation of architectural talent, P&T Group each year awards the P&T Travel Scholarship to several Hong Kong architecture students who would like to further their studies or develop their theses, during overseas summer trips. By providing an opportunity for architecture students to gain new perspectives through global exposure, they hope to deepen their understanding of how architecture plays a vital role in any society.
  • P & T student competition: The P&T competition provides an opportunity for future architects to present their talents and develop their careers. It emphasizes both theory and practicality in an attempt to solve real challenges. Entries are evaluated by a jury that consists of highly experienced architects within P&T and guest professionals to ensure a fair and diverse perspective in the evaluation process. The competition also offers the opportunity to winners to begin their careers with P&T, a firm that is regarded as one of the leaders in architecture.

P&T Group has completed thousands of projects in more than 30 countries over the 150 years in operation and each time, striving to improve design quality and customized service for their discerning clients market leader in the building industry. They offer a full range of architectural, structural, and mechanical engineering, planning, and project management services, with full support from in-house interior and graphic design divisions. Model making, extensive computer, and photographic facilities, as well as full administrative support complete this service of the total design.

Living in times of a global pandemic has raised our concerns about health to a new level, making “Healthy Buildings and Cities” a hot topic for Building and Urban Designers. P&T’s latest design focuses on how building design can help to improve our health. Now if you want to design your home, but you are also concerned about your health, P&T is the one solution for you.

Website- https://web.p-t-group.com/en/

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