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The need for ParentCare

Bharat Vasandani, an NRI living in London, came up with the idea for ParentCare after his own experience. NRIs worry about their parents’ health as they get older, while often feeling guilty about being gone. During medical therapy, these fears become even more intense. NRIs become long-distance caregivers because they have no other option, and they confront challenges and stress because the Indian healthcare system is not suited for remote working.

Bharat wants to make it easy for NRIs to care for their parents from anywhere and at any time after going through the cycle on his own.

The founder’s journey

ParentCare was launched in April 2020 to make long-distance caring easier for NRIs.

When his mother was diagnosed with cancer, he realized he wouldn’t be able to accompany her on her difficult trip to India. He got the call in September 2017, just as he was about to give birth to his first child. His support was crucial for his parents, but he couldn’t abandon his pregnant wife in London.

The months that followed were packed with doctor appointments (which his mother had to go to and from), innumerable diagnostic tests (for which he had no results), and conventional and holistic treatment. He had the impression that he was never entirely informed of what was going on and that he couldn’t participate as much as he wanted.

It was hard for his father, too; the entire process of finding the correct doctor and getting home care while juggling his home and work life was draining. Most importantly, it deprived them of the opportunity to spend time together. His mother required not only the best medical care but also the time and emotional support of her family.

He realized we hadn’t spoken as a family in a long time when she eventually started feeling better. During the 18 months of treatment, the majority of the conversations had been on how to manage the medical processes. This was a trying moment because, although speaking every day, they felt estranged.

His Message to NRIs

It’s not easy to provide long-distance care. But we’ve all decided to start a new life on the other side of the world, and we all want the best for our families. He has set a mission for himself as an NRI and an experienced startup entrepreneur to overcome the practical challenges of long-distance support and assist all members of the global Indian diaspora, including himself.

Their Services

A) Homecare Attendants or Nurses

They assist NRIs in finding the best caregiver by :

  • Confirming the caregiver’s credentials

  • Including a trial period before making a long-term commitment

  • Ensure replacement in the event of a change in circumstances

  • In India, providing daily coordination and support to parents.

B) Doctor Consultation

You can always be informed about your parents’ health status thanks to their services.

Their doctors not only have a lot of expertise and are highly qualified, but they also understand the needs of old people who live alone with families who live outside of India. All of their doctors and physiotherapists are glad to inform you of your parents’ health.

There are no extra apps necessary for this. Your parents can have online consultations using methods they are familiar with.

Parents may schedule appointments and get a second opinion online from anywhere.

C) Diagnostic Tests

From routine blood tests to geriatric health check-ups to Covid-19 PCR, you can arrange any test for your parents over WhatsApp and receive the results on your phone.

In 60 Indian cities, the majority of pathology tests may be performed at home. Radiology exams are scheduled close to your parents’ home.

They collaborate with Healthians and LabsAdvisor to provide access to more than 250 NABL, NABH, and ISO-accredited labs.

D) Medicine Delivery Outside India

You can get your drugs shipped from India in a stress-free manner using their services – no more asking your parents to buy and ship them, and no more following up with a courier firm you found through a desi group.

They purchase and ship drugs from India to your doorstep through local and well-known courier businesses. The original medicine bill, as well as a courier bill and a delivery tracking number, are sent to NRIs. If necessary, they can also arrange for an online doctor consultation for prescriptions.

E) Miscellaneous services:

– Errand Services

– Elderly Care Products

– Virtual Assistant

Website : https://parentcare.family/

Industry : Hospital & Health Care

Company size : 2-10 employees

Type : Privately Held

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