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Peatix is a global event discovery and ticketing platform that connects people to communities through a shared passion for all things similar and different. Whether you are an aspiring home cook looking for live stream classes from the comforts of your own kitchen, or an entrepreneur striving to connect with communities across the globe, we deliver unique experiences right into the hands of those who seek.

The beginning

Whether you are an event organizer or an attendee, here at Peatix, we believe in empowering changemakers like yourselves to take the first leap forward in enriching lives. We’ve not only built a series of easy-to-use integrated solutions to allow for anyone to seamlessly create and sell-out events of all sizes but also work continuously to push the envelope in redefining event discovery. Our team ensures

that your exceptional events receive the attention it deserves, by bridging the divide from our communities to yours, be it offline or online.

Growth Journey

To date, Peatix has enabled more than 850,000 events. We are currently available in 27 countries including Japan, Hong Kong, the United States, Singapore and Malaysia. Since its inception in May 2011, our self-service solution for event management has served more than 50,000 interest groups around the world, with more than 5 million users globally.

How it Works

  • Gather people with the same interests in a group: Grow your group and keep members immediately up to date about new events you run through Peatix email and in-app notifications.

  • Sell more tickets with the Peatix App: 20% of all ticket sales are generated through Peatix’s platform recommendations. Give your event the extra boost it needs to sell more tickets. On Android and iOS.

  • Create an event page and start selling tickets in just 3 minutes: It’s simple – fill in your event’s date, time, place and what it’s about. Easily upload images and videos. Create tickets and start promoting!

With our latest Vimeo-embed option, you can now also broadcast or live-stream your Vimeo content in a secured and exclusive environment, made available to your paid attendees only. Simply embed the Vimeo link when creating your event pages and registered attendees will be able to sign in to Peatix and view the online event at the stipulated start time to watch your show.

Tip: The Vimeo premium plan also provides a Live Chat option for live streams. If you already have an existing Vimeo premium plan and would like to include an interactive element to your Live Stream event, you can also choose to enable the feature on Vimeo and attendees can simultaneously participate in the Live Chat during the live stream event.

There you have it. With Online events being more common, there is no lack of live streaming options to support your event but consider your objectives and pick the option best suited for your requirements!

*This story is covered by Swiftnlift Business Magazine

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