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About Perceptum Science

Perceptum Science @ Learning Sense is an incubator to groom and nurture creative and adaptable lifelong learners who possess integrity, humility and resilience”

Perceptum @ Learning Sense classes…

• Are engaging

• Make learners feel safe and valued

• Trigger and nurture curiosity and creativity

• Ignite the love for learning

• Inculcate the right attitudes towards learning

• Make sense of learning

• Celebrate creativity, adaptability and LIFE!

Why choose Perceptum Science?

I strongly believe that one of the important factors that affects how well children learn lies in the way they perceive things around them or even towards learning itself. My hypothesis is shaped by my own experience as a student when I started in school. Coming from a dialect-only family and surrounded by an environment where both languages English & Mandarin, were totally strange to me, the early school years were constant academic failures for me.

The only subject I did well was art. Fortunately, the curiosity to learn has outweighed academic failures. Although the amount of learning was not timely enough to do well for PSLE to get into a good secondary school, it helped me get to the top class in secondary school and I did double math eventually. That may not be great for many, but it was an encouragement/morale booster for me where math is concerned, as due to my lack of linguistic skills, I failed math for most of my primary education. All the while I thought I was horrible at math until I was shown that it was just how I thought about math. Later on in life, the moment I shifted my paradigm, I found myself enjoying and then teaching my most hated subject math.

What do you think the main challenges are to teach students from different schools?

What may seem like a challenge is a blessing in disguise to take a teacher’s teaching skills to the next level. Challenges are opportunities to learn new skills and acquire new knowledge. Just as we profess that a parachute works best when it’s open, teachers’ minds must also be open to be more effective in helping children under their charge.

Unless there are more immediate underlying issues in our students requiring professional intervention, Perceptum Science teachers do their best to tailor their lessons to their students’ needs. This includes everything from thoughtful curriculum planning to resource redesigning to actual lesson delivery. In cases where children are beyond our professional abilities, meetings with parents are set up to discuss and explore possible and available interventions that could help accelerate their children’s learning.

The unifying factor in pupils from different schools is the common exams at the end of each year as well as the national exams at the end of Primary 6. We teach with the end in mind.

How do you cater to students with different abilities and learning styles?

Besides the measures taken at the planning level, we observe the needs of our students and help them overcome their learning obstacles with resources like notes, concept maps, designing response techniques for specific topics, and scoring strategies.

How is a student’s progress monitored and evaluated apart from testing?

In addition to extrinsic assessment from responses based on daily homework and tests, informal assessment is accomplished through interaction with children during and outside the classroom. We do not track this formally in the electronic system.

How do you manage the promotion of your firm over social media outreach and email campaigns?

I do not advertise for my classes, I was blessed with the fact that pupils came through word-of-mouth. The only time an advertisement was made, was when the company started in May 2009. There was a 2-weeks advertisement to promote a workshop as the company was new in the area.

How much leeway do educators get when crafting the programs?

By far, the main determining parameter we work with is constantly evaluating how what we do helps students [both individually and as a group] to love the subject and gain confidence in the formal assessments. From the student’s written responses and our observations of their performance and behaviour in the classroom, we identify problems and design strategies to help pupils answer exam-styled questions with ease and confidence.

How do you try to stay up-to-date on the current covid-19 scenario?

As we continually adapt to changes in students’ behaviour, school demands, and local exams requirements, COVID-19 opens up another opportunity to grow ourselves and the business in ways we haven’t really ventured before which is conducting online classes. We regularly seek to improve the way we deliver lessons online by building new and supportive platforms for students to acquire the same knowledge and skills required by the subject. It is certainly not easy since I am working single-handedly, but needful.

Describe your ideal classroom

An ideal classroom for me, would be one where children are enthusiastically learning for learning’s sake and not just for academic excellence. By enthusiasm, I mean fearlessness in the face of mistakes but, at the same time possessing the ability to respect and appreciate the differences of others.

Tell us something about the school’s achievements.

We do not take all the credit for the success of all our students, as we believe that it is not just us who have achieved those results; the willingness of students to work hard and the support of parents to work side by side with us play a key role too.

An example of our pride is a girl who was recommended to me around March 2012. She had many one-to-one tutors to teach her science, but she still was not doing well. She told me that she started failing science even at primary 3. One day in May, she called me from school, crying over the phone and I was quite taken aback. In the midst of her sobs, she told me that for the first time in her school life she passed science and even scored an A. Through her mixture of sobs and laughter, she shared that she had never cried when she failed, but that she has cried uncontrollably when she passed with an A. This is one of the most unforgettable calls I’ve ever received and one of the greatest gifts of teaching.

Conceivably, another form of success was when the centre received invitations from other schools to provide training support. The centre received invites from schools and other enrichment centres to conduct science training programs for teachers and pupils. Unfortunately, due to a lack of resources, we had to turn most of them down.

It has been a blessing all these years to be able to teach students of all background. In addition to the majority of parents who feel lost in the subject, we have had the privilege of teaching students whose parents are educators, leaders in the educational landscape, scientists and even doctors.

Recently we have been shortlisted to join the ‘Best in Singapore’ list of educators. The fact that we have been blessed with a steady stream of students from all over the island to engage us in their science learning journey is an indication that we have done something right and worthwhile.

Year of Founding: 2009
Founding Members: Mrs. Sim
Office Locations Used to be Bishan, Bt Timah Shopping Centre, currently Tiong Bahru Rd [Singapore] (2 mins from Tiong Bahru Station)
Company Strength: The willingness to constantly adapt and change to meet the needs of our pupils. Their need in the subject is our top priority.
Website https://www.perceptumscience.com.sg/

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