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Playmakers Private Limited

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Playmakers is a boutique digital brand and marketing agency. With a primary focus on helping SMEs with their marketing challenges, we provide business owners and stakeholders with tailor-made branding and/or marketing solutions and tools to reach the right audiences effectively and efficiently.

How do you set yourself apart from those already in the industry?

Playmakers have always put the client’s challenges at the centre of everything we do: there is no package to purchase, or promotion to push when we meet potential clients. In our first meeting with a prospective client, we always tell them that if we are not able to provide a comprehensible roadmap to help address their challenge(s), then that means we don’t have a solution to that problem – and we will refer them to an agency or contact that can.

Accountability is also at the heart of our client retention strategy: being responsive and providing accurate data to expound on our performance over the past month is key to building and preserving the trust that our clients have in the agency.

What is your customer acquisition strategy?

Word-of-mouth and client referrals make up approximately 50% of our incoming businesses. In addition, Playmakers has a pitching model that was established in 2019, whereby the business development team, comprising representatives from each department, have to hit a target number of pitches that is agreed upon at the start of each quarter.

How do you manage to work in a variety of fields?

The agency leads and department heads spend a lot of time researching each client’s business prior to pitching for the account, as well as a joint business onboarding session with key stakeholders on the client’s side when we are awarded the account. The time and resource invested into better understanding the business has proven to pay off in terms of ease of working with the client(s), as well as instilling confidence in them of our ability to empathize and provide the best proposal each time.

Before compiling a campaign’s performance report, what metrics do you look at?

There is a myriad of metrics that we look at when analyzing a campaign’s performance, ranging from the more basic, ‘vanity’ data like audience engagement (likes, shares, views, clickthroughs, CPC, etc.) to the more complex (tracing-based customer journey, etc.). We also cross-reference all data with our campaign objective(s) set prior to the start of the campaign to provide the most relevant findings and conclusions – and this includes not only those we meet/surpass but also where our campaign had/have fallen short on.

What new marketing trends have you noticed that you think will have an impact on the industry?

The biggest trend that has emerged is the fragmenting of users, usage, and usability of social media platforms. Given that mainstream platforms like Facebook and Instagram have been around since the early 2000s, the 2nd and 3rd generations of users are now seeking new platforms of their own. This has consequently impacted the way marketers have had to split media spending, plan resources, and create best-fit assets for each platform.

How would you respond if a social media effort garnered negative feedback?

There are many ways to respond to such situations – and every practitioner of the field will give you a different answer, most of which are just as effective and useful as the other. At Playmakers, we believe in looking at the human-ness of everything we do – and that includes responding to feedback, comments, and the voices of others. So, simply principles we practice include

(1) Being responsive (i.e. don’t ignore the comment).

(2) Being direct and forthcoming with your response.

(3) Being empathetic with your response.

Year of Founding: 2017

Funding Information: Self-funded

Founding Members: Lionel Lee, Denise Leong

Office Locations: 17A Duxton Road, Singapore

Company Strength: 12

Website :

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