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ProtectBox Ltd.

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Cyber security has a prominent role in today’s world of technology. It is going to be more crucial and will possess the highest importance in the upcoming years. Today, we conduct almost every activity through some sort of softwares and internet. Be it any financial transaction, education, filing for tax, mails or any other activity; we do such activities through internet. Very few are aware about cyber threats that they might face at any time.

ProtectBox is one of those leading organizations which provide solutions to new threat of cyber-attacks. Hackers around the globe have the access of almost every computer and mobile devices which have internet connectivity. ProtectBox has solutions in cyber security with context to sustainable operations. They provide solutions to their clients keeping in mind to reduce the carbon footprint and keep our earth clean.

What’s on offer?

ProtectBox offers two types of services: Cyber-Security and AI solutions. Cybersecurity is one of the most important fields as we are dealing online in this pandemic situation. Many education institutes are operating remotely by conducting lectures and exams online. Here they need secure network and servers in order to manage safe and uninterrupted operations. ProtectBox can provide services to enterprises, individuals, governments, and for sustainable infrastructure development.

Industries and cases covered by ProtectBox are Agriculture, Insurance, Finance, Investing, Legal services, Health & Pharma, Education, Charities, Manufacturing, Automotive, Information technology, Infrastructure development (Construction), Energy/Utility, Media & Entertainment, Retail & Ecommerce, Transport, Government, Police & Defence Departments, IoT / Smart Cities, and few more to be added further.

Why one should consider ProtectBox?

ProtectBox has a comprehensive package of services which provides complete cyber security solutions to home, business, your customers and cities. They have a feature called ‘risk – secured comparison’, through which they help you to assess what kind of security exactly you need. In their plan, you get risk-scored comparison, personalised need plan, advice from experts, suggestions and recommendations on NetZero.

ProtectBox understand their contribution to the society and nature. They have a plan to cut down the carbon emissions by providing smart and technological services to public (individuals), business, and governments around the globe. They have good response from their clients. They’ve added many prestigious technology awards to their profile with being one of the best rising tech startup in 2019.

Industry Information Technology & Services
Company size 2 – 10 employees
Headquarter Belfast, Northern Ireland
Type Privately Held
Founded 2017
Website https://www.protectbox.com/#

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