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The PRO Unlimited is the only fully native mobile, tablet, and wearable VMS on the market, providing a comprehensive solution for all stakeholders in the contingent labour ecosystem, including procurement and HR leaders, department heads, managers, workers, and suppliers, across multiple devices and platforms.

What we are?

Based on open-cloud architecture, PRO Unlimited delivers seamless integration with all major ERP/HRIS and various other third-party systems. It is also fully SAS70/SSAE16 compliant (since 2003) and White Hat Security and ISO27001 certified. Core capabilities of Wand include, but are not limited to

The workplace was undergoing a significant shift at the moment. Large corporations were decreasing their workforces to save money and gain more flexibility, resulting in an explosion of temporary staffing companies.

What do we do?

Temp employees, independent contractors, and consultants, among others, became an increasing percentage of the workforce. The contingent workforce quickly

became a vital operational lynchpin for large organizations, but it also turned into a significant cost.

As a result of this expansion, the risks associated with tax and benefits responsibilities have increased. Part of the issue is that contingent worker initiative operated in multiple silos, with little visibility across them all. By establishing linkages and coordinating processes amongst all of the key contingent workforce parties, PRO aimed to break down those silos and give enterprise-wide transparency.

While the market has evolved, from new business requirements and technology to new regulations, PRO’s vision and goal have stayed consistent. Organizations can achieve concrete business objectives by using the correct contingent labour management methods and technology.


When the company was first created, it laid important principles such as leading with innovation and putting consumers first.

They still exist today. PRO’s solutions have grown over time as a result of our commitment to listening to our clients while keeping a close eye on the market.

  • Misclassification and Co-Employment Risk Management in 1991

  • Vendor-Neutral Managed Service Provider (MSP) in 1995

  • Vendor Management System (VMS) in 1998

  • Global MSP Offering in 2002

  • Statement-of-Work (SOW) Management System in 2004

  • Native Mobile and Tablet VMS Apps in 2014

  • Native VMS Wearable for Apple Watch in 2015

  • your source Talent Network Direct-Sourcing Module in 2016

  • Native Mobile Supplier App in 2018

  • Industry’s Most Personalized VMS Interface in 2019

  • AI Digital Assistant in 2020

PRO’s staff includes some of the industry’s most experienced contingent labour management experts, with backgrounds in human resources, legal, accounting, and technology.

Professionals with experience in all aspects of staffing, including contract management, consulting and technical services, vendor-on-premise management, and traditional temp placement, are also on the team.

PRO’s Compliance Department is led by former IRS auditors who spent their careers concentrating in Federal department and state regulations pertaining to independent contractors, co-employment, and other tax-related concerns.

Wand, the vendor management system (VMS) platform for the Modern Workforce PRO Unlimited, is a robust solution for managing the contingent workforce in a simple, intuitive manner.

  • Full lifecycle Total Talent Management

  • Self-sourcing with the Wand Your Source module

  • Analytics and reporting with Wand Discovery module

  • SOW project sourcing and management

  • Mobile alerts and communications

What does vms do with his wand?

The wand is a cloud-based platform that unifies contingent labour management, including temps, independent contractors, SOW-based engagements, and self-sourced contractors.

An omni channel experience for the Web, mobile devices, tablets, and even wearable’s is used to accomplish this. The wand was built from the ground up by PRO employing design concepts found in some of the world’s most inventive,

cutting-edge software products, resulting in a simple, intuitive user experience for both novice and advanced users.

Sources and references : PRO Unlimited

Story By : Swiftnlift Business Magazine

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