Top 10 Skin Care Companies In Malaysia 2022-profiles

Q & Z Cosmetics Manufacturing

4.Dr. Zhang Founder Q Z Cosmetics Manufacturing

They believed that beauty could be achieved safely and naturally

Q&Z is a skin and cosmetics manufacturer founded by Drs. Zhang (Medical Cosmetologist) and his business and health partner, Miss Karen Qu (Dermatologist) in 1996 in Malaysia by e-Beauty Group in 1999. They offer a variety of specialized services in OEM, ODM, and OBM. They are proud to have a professional R&D team with a wide range of expertise who is continuously committed to improving and ensuring the quality and effectiveness of their products. In addition, they provide services such as packaging, printing, product training, after-sales service, etc.

Their commitment to creating and delivering the best one-stop solution has not only made them a prominent leader in the professional skin care industry in Malaysia but also the undeniable potential of increasing their presence in other parts of the world. They are pleased to present their knowledge and products to communities in more than 20 regions worldwide like- Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, France, New Zealand, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, Turkey, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Thailand, Bulgaria, India, Russia, and other CIS countries and still growing.

At Q&Z Cosmetics, they believed that beauty could be achieved safely and naturally. They embrace the raw and continuous approach to their production line and insist on using only the highest quality natural ingredients, without harsh chemicals in all their products, providing unmistakable skin solutions to both beauty entrepreneurs and their customers.

Their Services:

  • Finding Unripe Items: They find excellent quality ingredients from world-renowned suppliers.
  • Research and Development: They do R&D to develop new and innovative designs.
  • Lab Test: They have been fitted with the most advanced laboratory in Malaysia.
  • Packing Sourcing: They offer a wide range of product packaging options at affordable prices.
  • Design: They offer FREE drawings and label designs.
  • Filling & Packing: They provide filling and packaging services to their customers.
  • Registration: They help get all the product registration required by the Department of Health.
  • Logistic: They ship locally and internationally.

Their vision

They wanted to be The Most Reliable Product, Raw, New, Active, and Supplier and Supplier of Skin and Body Care Products in Southeast Asia. They are committed to providing world-class products, delivered by Zest.

Their Precious Heritage

  1. Integrity: They are transparent, honest, and ethical in their dealings with customers
  2. Expert: Their team of R&D specialists consists of doctors, dermatologists, and pharmacists.
  3. Honesty: They put product integrity and safety ahead of everything else.
  4. Composing: They always strive to do well in creating bespoke products and services.
  5. Green: They embrace the green concept by adapting to environmentally friendly, waste-disposal processes
  6. Zest: They always appreciate being a service to their customers.

Final Thoughts

They Believe in Integrity, Innovation, Professionalism, and Sustainability. Today, Q&Z Cosmetics is one of Malaysia’s leading beauty products manufacturers supported by its well-equipped indoor laboratories and a professional R&D team. Their products are now sold in more than 20 countries around the world.


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