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Rainstar Capital Group

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What is Rainstar Capital Group?

Rainstar Capital Group is a Grand Rapids-based multi-strategy private equity firm that invests in consumer distressed loan portfolios, small business merchant cash advances, distressed mortgages, high-growth enterprises, and residential and commercial real estate. RCG focuses on portfolio acquisition expansion as well as supporting its portfolio companies and clients as capital management and advisory firm.

For customers with commercial real estate, corporate finance, small company, and equipment financing needs, RCG provides advice on loan capital through its numerous lending platforms with over 250 registered lenders. Unsecured Lines of Credit, Revenue Based Lines of Credit, Revenue Based Advance, Merchant Cash Advance, Business Lines of Credit, Inventory Financing, Purchase Order Financing, Equipment Leasing, Accounts Receivables Factoring, CMBS loans, Agency loans, Bridge Financing, Hard Money, and Commercial Contractor Credit Lines are just a few of the product lines available.

They possess a variety of loan products in the capital markets for commercial real estate, equipment, corporate finance, and small company on their lending platform for debt financing. They serve as a one-stop-shop platform and Growth Cash Adviser, which in turn assists businesses to expand their sales by providing capital liquidity to help them achieve their growth goals.

Kurt Nederverld, CEO and Founder

Rainstar Capital Group and Rainstar Marketing are both run by Kurt Nederveld. He has significant experience in social media marketing implementation, especially LinkedIn, to customers such as banks, hedge funds, private equity companies, commercial mortgage brokers, and commercial real estate acquisition businesses through Rainstar Marketing, which he founded in October 2010. Rainstar has advised over 100 companies since its inception, and Kurt has over 30,000 connections on LinkedIn, all of whom work in banking, commercial real estate, and capital markets. He has connections with several other fund managers and direct lenders.

Rainstar Capital Group is his own private equity business, which he established in January of 2014. Through Rainstar he has been actively purchasing portfolios of troubled consumer debt, commercial debt, and distressed mortgages since its inception.

What is their strategy?

Rainstar Capital Group entered the Merchant Cash Advance and Small Business Funding industries in November of 2015. Through its syndication strategy, RCG invests in these segments. They fund bills, accounts receivables, commercial real estate, corporate financing, small business, equipment, and rental real estate through RCG’s debt advice platform, which includes over 250 lenders.

RCG began investing in online web-based systems centered on e-training for finance brokers, lead generation, borrowers, and lenders in January 2017.Rainstar Capital Group has created the “Rainstar Capital Group Ultimate Lending Guide,” a digital magazine. Their lending guide is a wonderful resource for partners and clients to learn about all of the many loan options Rainstar offers to help them finance their projects.

Why is Raintree needed?

Raintree aims to eliminate the losses that occur due to the failure of Commercial Real Estate Transactions to close

The following are the most common causes for commercial real estate transactions failing to close:

  • The borrower’s cash flow is insufficient to meet the lender’s requirements.

  • The borrower does not have enough money for a down payment as required by the lender.

  • Property condition- certain lenders will not lend on properties that are in desperate need of repair.

  • The lender’s need for equity in commercial real estate is not acceptable.

  • Borrower’s rate expectations vs. the lender’s willingness to offer a rate based on the borrower’s credit profile

  • The credit score of the borrower does not match the lender’s requirements.

  • The property market is in a tertiary stage.

Raintree works to eliminate these failures.

  • Headquarters : PO Box 140991, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 49504, United States

  • Employees : 20

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