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What is Rainstar?

Rainstar Capital Group is a Grand Rapids-based multi-strategies private equity firm that invests in consumer distressed debt portfolios, small business merchant cash advances, distressed mortgages, high-growth firms, and residential and commercial real estate. RCG focuses on the expansion of its portfolio acquisitions as well as supporting its portfolio companies and clients as a capital management and advisory organization.

RCG provides advisory debt capital to customers with commercial real estate, corporate finance, small company, and equipment financing needs through its many lending platforms with over 250 registered lenders. Unsecured Lines of Credit, Revenue-Based Lines of Credit, Revenue-Based Advance, Merchant Cash Advance, Business Lines of Credit, Inventory Financing, Purchase Order Financing, Equipment Leasing, Accounts Receivables Factoring, CMBS loans, Agency loans, Bridge Financing, Hard Money, and Commercial Contractor Credit Lines are just a few of the product lines available.

Rainstar Capital Group has built a comprehensive platform of loan solutions for commercial real estate financing requests ranging from $100,000 to $100,000,000. Rainstar Capital Group is perfectly positioned to help you finance your commercial real estate project with over 100 partner lenders.

The need for RainStar

RainStar helps in checking unattended errors in the business process. For example:

The following are the most common reasons for commercial real estate transactions failing to close:

  • The borrower’s cash flow is insufficient to meet the lender’s requirements.

  • The borrower does not have enough money for a down payment as required by the lender.

  • Property condition- Certain lenders will not lend on properties that are in desperate need of repair.

  • Borrower’s rate expectations vs. the lender’s willingness to offer a rate based on the borrower’s credit profile

  • The credit score of the borrower does not fulfill the lender’s requirements.

  • The property market is in a tertiary stage.

Their Services

A) Equipment financing program

Rainstar Capital Group has created a broad lending platform for clients looking for equipment finance ranging from $5000 to $50,000,000. Rainstar Capital Group is well-positioned to assist people in financing their equipment requests, with an in-house lending platform backed by a table funding relationship with an alternative equipment lender and over 100+ partner lenders.

B) Lending programs

With over 250 registered lenders, Rainstar Capital Group has built a strong Debt Advisory platform. While they do have banks on their platform, the majority of their lenders are not banks, allowing them to be more creative when it comes to completing transactions for their clients.

The capital blueprint in action

Rainstar Capital Group has developed a process called “The Working Capital Blueprint” that guides clients through the various financing options accessible to their type of business based on years in business, industry, revenues, credit score, and other variables.

Kurt Nederveld, CEO

Rainstar Capital Group and Rainstar Marketing were founded by Mr. Nederveld, who is also the CEO. In the debt capital markets, he is a serial entrepreneur, investor, debt counsel, and highly sought-after consultant. Mr. Nederveld has personally advised over 100 marketing clients, including hedge funds, debt funds, investment banks, fintech lenders, and specialty finance organizations. He runs a sophisticated debt consulting organization that assists customers with corporate finance, commercial real estate, small business, and equipment financing needs. He also oversees various investment firms that specialize in niche investments. Mr. Nederveld was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 26 and is currently cancer-free. Mr. Nederveld earned a B.A. in Business from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He serves as a leader in his church, Gideons International, as well as the Institute of Reformed Biblical Counseling, and as a spouse and father. Reading, basketball, tennis, jet-skiing, and spending time with his family are some of his favorite pastimes.

  • Headquarters : PO Box 140991, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 49504, United States

  • Industry : Finance and Real Estate

  • Number of Employees : 20

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