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Rapid API

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“The next generation API platform”

Rapid API is the world’s largest API Hub where millions of developers find and connect to tens of thousands of public APIs. They’re a team of developers, building for developers, based in San Francisco, Tel Aviv, Tallinn, Berlin, and remote locations around the world. It all began at a hackathon in 2015. RapidAPI was made by developers for developers so they could have one place to access APIs and Microservices and build applications more efficiently and easily. Today, RapidAPI is the world’s largest API Hub where almost 3 million developers can find, test, and connect to tens of thousands of APIs — all with a single account, single API key, and single SDK.

Software developers can also share and collaborate on internal APIs using RapidAPI for Teams, a common workspace to publish internal APIs and share public API subscriptions. In turn, organizations can use RapidAPI Enterprise to create a centralized hub environment to help developers reuse and connect to existing APIs faster while providing IT with enterprise-wide visibility and governance of API consumption.

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According to RapidAPI’s recent State of APIs Developer survey, API usage continues to skyrocket, with more than 90.6% of developers indicating that they will use APIs more or the same in 2022 as they did in 2021. Additionally, a majority (75.5%) of developers indicated that participating in the API economy is a top priority for their organization now or shortly. As companies begin to accelerate the transition to digital channels and invest in software development to enable that transition, APIs have become increasingly important in enabling developers to build innovative software more rapidly.

The increasing demand for APIs has led to the widespread usage of RapidAPI Hub, the world’s largest API Hub where over 3 million developers discover and connect to APIs.   RapidAPI’s largest enterprise customers leverage the RapidAPI Enterprise Hub – a private, customizable version of the public hub – to create a centralized repository of APIs and provide a governance layer for API activity in the organization. RapidAPI Enterprise Hub provides organizations with a single place for all APIs, including any API type, any API category, and across any API infrastructure.

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