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Resync Technologies Pte Ltd

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Our Story

Based in Singapore, Resync was founded by 2 passionate engineers, Emir Nurov and Dr. Jayantika Soni. With combined experience of more than a decade in renewables, Emir and Jayantika met during their time at Entrepreneur First, a London based acceleration programme backed by Reid Hoffman. In Singapore, Resync is strongly backed by SGInnovate, an investment arm of Singapore government that focuses on early stage deeptech investments. After few rounds of investments, Resync became a portfolio company of Venture Funds like AugustOne, SGInnovate and Prasetia.

At Resync, we provide an Intelligent Energy Management Platform for smart cities and systems with multiple energy sources. We use combination of machine learning model and deep technical knowledge of energy systems to ensure system efficiency, optimised performance and continuous savings. Our full end to end solution provides consolidated monitoring, real-time performance analytics, efficient optimisation, predictive maintenance, performance forecasting, alarm management, customised reporting, smart facility management and many more.

Our CEO, Emir has a track record in new product development and renewables market research, gained during his full-time role at REC Solar and our CTO, Dr. Jayantika has a deep technical knowledge in developing control algorithms for energy systems, gained during her PhD in Energy & Power at the National University of Singapore. Resync consists of a team of professional software engineers and data scientists providing a full range of services accustomed to our client’s requirements.

Why Resync?

Innovative: We ensure and provide cutting-edge technology.

Reliable: Latest data encryption for your secure processing.

Affordable: Reasonably priced for Small, Medium and Large enterprises.

Scalable: Consistent performance during scalable onboarding.

Cloud-based: Easily accessible from anywhere and everywhere.

Customisable: Software flexibility as per customer’s preference

Energy Efficient Solutions for Renewable Energy Assets

Throughout the energy industry, Renewable energy asset owners face the challenge of having multiple projects from different suppliers and, in some cases, across different technologies. The data from these projects is spread across many different systems making it difficult to manage. Resync’s Energy Analytics solution provides a common platform for all your (on- and off-shore) solar and wind assets. It gives you a powerful tool to view information on all your assets from a single system, providing portfolio management.

The system connects to any renewable asset, automatically collecting the necessary data from your plant or wind farm. From reporting to forecasting, Resync provides a complete Renewables Energy Management solution, including measurement, automation, logic, and performance management. It’s exactly what you need to maximize uptime, meet revenue commitments, optimize asset life, and fine tune performance.

1.Aggregate all sites on a single platformAn integrated environment for monitoring, control, reporting and maintenance of all sites in the portfolio.

2.ML and AI enhanced Analytics & Forecasting: Unique ML models to minimise site downtime and increase site performance. Component level analysis.

3.Predictive Maintenance and Ticketing System: Early identification of site’s health problems or underperformance spots, and reduce mean time to repair.

4.Customisable reports and facility notifications: Easy, timely and accurate reporting of site performance based on customised user’s preference and requirement

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