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What is RigNet?

RigNet, a Viasat firm, is a global corporation that offers specialized communications services, software, and cybersecurity solutions to help customers make better decisions and run their businesses and was founded by Steven Pickett, CEO. RigNet provides industrial enterprises with customized industry solutions, innovative global software, and secure communications infrastructure, allowing them to reap the benefits of digital transformation. RigNet is the partner of choice for connecting, protecting, and capturing actionable intelligence from your distributed assets, from remote sites to complex multi-stage operations. RigNet, as one of the world’s leading digital service providers, makes real-time insights from remote operations simple for your company.

How do they work to your benefit?

Your Strategic Collaborator

RigNet focuses on providing organizations with customized solutions to help them respond faster to high-priority issues, reduce operational distribution risk, and improve overall financial performance.

Excellent Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is the outcome of high performance, and polls demonstrate that RigNet consistently obtains the highest customer satisfaction rates in the business. We were able to do so by providing the best possible remote voice and data communications performance.

Designed to Deliver

RigNet, unlike other companies, is unconcerned about the technology used to carry data. We customize the optimum method and design of transportation across a wide range of network technologies, ensuring that you always get the highest return on your investment.

Operations on a global scale

Our team continues to provide industry-leading experience in handling technological obstacles in remote operations around the world, thanks to global support from our Network Operations and Security Center. Our international offices are strategically located with remote field technicians, engineering, and project management people to service our customers wherever they are.

Their mission, vision, and values

They seek to provide the best possible mix of cost, quality, service, and reliability in our industry-leading solutions to achieve the highest degree of customer satisfaction.

Their Purpose

They offer industry-leading solutions to help customers improve their productivity, efficiency, and safety.

Their Goals

To be known as the world’s leading provider of integrated technology solutions for company operations.

Why choose RigNet?

Real-Time Asset Intelligence Produces Real Business Results

RigNet’s Intelie LiveTM platform makes it simple for your company to obtain real-time insights from remote operations and take action that leads to increased profit.

Real-world deployments provide real-world results

Use the only machine learning analytics platform for large-scale oil and gas deployments that deliver proven financial outcomes.

Using Site Data to Gain Insight

You can transform data from remote sites and assets into intelligence that helps you make better decisions, improve your financial performance, and reduce risk.

Critical Events are Immediately Recognized

You can get real-time visibility into key issues so you can mitigate their impact on your business.

Improved Results

You can identify your most valuable chances to improve project and site performance, and get knowledgeable advice on how to do it.


A)For ultra-secure digital transformation, an end-to-end service portfolio is available.

RigNet is the only partner with complete service solutions to achieve the ultimate business results of digital transformation, from secure connectivity to big data enablement to industry-leading operational analytics.

B)Managed Communications

RigNet is your one-stop shop for end-to-end worldwide connectivity services, including live monitoring and support, ensuring maximum uptime and reliability.

C)Encryption and Cybersecurity

RigNet offers a fully managed cyber-service that includes an industry-leading threat intelligence monitor, backed by our team of cybersecurity professionals.

D)AI and data

Intelie LiveTM from RigNet is a robust and versatile real-time machine learning analytics platform that can collect data from any source.

E)E) Integration of Systems

For large capital projects, they provide entire, multi-system, integrated, turnkey telecoms and security packages.

  • Industry : Telecommunications

  • Company size : 501-1,000 employees

  • Headquarters : Houston, TX

  • Type : Public Company

  • Founded : 2001

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