Road map to UP’s $1 trillion economy

Road map to UP

India’s largest state by population, Uttar Pradesh has targeted an economy of $1 trillion by 2027. The target seems huge, according to some analysts and economists, but the chief minister of the state remains optimistic about achieving it. Currently, the economy is at $0.254 trillion, which constitutes agriculture at 20-22% share, industries at 18-20%, and services at 45-50%. The state’s target seems uncertain from the perspective of the global recession in the aftermath of Covid 19, but the state government is confident in achieving the announced target on the back of reforms and policies.

How the target would be achieved?

To reach the $1 trillion economy by 2027, the state has to move ahead with a growth rate of almost 31%. individual growth in the manufacturing sector would have to increase by 38-40% and output by almost five times. The agriculture sector will have to raise the output by two and half times, and the service sector to increase the output by four times. Despite the certainties being vivid for the professionals and citizens, the state’s confidence and assurance are immense.

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