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Rocket Compnaies

6. Jay Farner, VC _ CEO- Rocket Compnaies- The 10 Best Financial Service Providers - 2022

Enabling home ownership and financial freedom

Rocket companies is a Detroit-based company obsessed with helping its clients achieve the dream of homeownership and financial freedom. Their flagship business, now known as Rocket Mortgage, was founded by Dan Gilbert in 1985. Since then, we’ve revolutionized the mortgage industry – twice – and taken our place as the industry leader. Today, the Rocket brand is synonymous with providing simple, fast, and trusted digital solutions for complex transactions. When you need a mortgage, a real estate agent, a personal loan, or a car, Rocket gets you there fast.

They’re not a company that settles. They’re seeking to break into new markets so they can bring their digital solutions to a broader audience. The top five companies in retail mortgages make up less than a fifth of the market. They have a huge opportunity to gain market share with their scalable digital platforms and superior client experience.

Their innovation:

At Rocket Companies, they like to say, “Innovation is rewarded. Execution is worshipped.” Nothing better illustrates this philosophy than Rocket Mortgage – the world’s first completely online mortgage process – which they launched in 2015. They’re proud to say that today, 98% of all the home loans they originate use the Rocket Mortgage technology.

In 2017, they became the nation’s largest residential mortgage lender, surpassing close to 30,000 lending institutions. Today, they have approximately 20,000 team members across North America. Without their team members, they wouldn’t have been able to accomplish all of their amazing milestones, like closing $145 billion in mortgage volume in 2019.

Where do they go from here?

They have a proven record of leading the industry and being prepared no matter where the market takes them. Their digital-first brand is a driver for growth in the highly fragmented mortgage market. Even with the title of the largest mortgage lender, they see significant opportunities ahead. they’ll build on the blueprint that got them to where they are, while finding new ways to enable the dream of homeownership and financial freedom for as many clients as they can reach.

Website- https://www.rocketcompanies.com/

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