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About the company

You Source, a software development firm based in the Philippines, owns SaaS Venture Partners. We’ve established a unique method that has helped a variety of start-ups and SMEs succeed in designing and creating custom software solutions since our founding in 2012.

Our team has worked tirelessly in collaboration with clients, engineers, and designers to accomplish tight deadlines and usability targets on a shoestring budget.

With the rise of the cloud and the SaaS business model, we’ve found that there are a plethora of approaches to optimise software development and evolution using data-driven decisions that prioritise the user.

That is why we established SaaS VP. We hope to assist SaaS entrepreneurs in avoiding the technological blunders we made, as well as reducing costs and time to market. Above all, we want to please your users by designing, developing, and maturing your SaaS from seed to Series A into a product they will enjoy.

Our Vision : To be the driving force behind the world’s most successful SaaS products.

Our Mission : To delight countless users with beautiful, easy to use, well-architected and highly maintainable SaaS made to scale in the cloud.

Our Values

  • Commitment to growth Proactive,

  • Dependable team players

  • Working smart to develop SUPERB software

Walking Skeleton

Prevent expensive mistakes.

At SaaS VP, in the second phase we develop the UI of the system, and we call this the Walking Skeleton.

When developing the walking skeleton, the details that are missed in the prototype will become more obvious. In nearly all software, the user is the initiator of actions in the system and therefore this is the best place to start a project. Starting with the UI comes with a multitude of the benefits.

Save Time & Money

The UI by itself may uncover some problems that were not obvious in the prototype. It is best to uncover problems as early as possible. If back-end is not written yet, no need to rework which saves at least 50% of the time.

Focused Development, by a Small Skilled Team

We do not really think about the back end at this stage, the team doesn’t have to worry about this. Less discussions, less overhead, less time spent. Specialist developers that are highly skilled in this part can develop the app effectively and efficiently.

Early Feedback from Users

When the system under development is available online and the stakeholders are actually using it on different devices, browsers or operating systems – you may experience deviations from the design due to the way the browser, operating system or device behaves. This feedback is invaluable and hard to test for – there are too many possible configurations. The sooner we can process this feedback – the less feedback we can expect when the system is in production.

Easy to Test

When the UI is completed, we can start with creating automated acceptance tests. When the back end is implemented these tests should stay the same and can be reused from the first phase of the project until all the acceptance criteria are implemented.

Missed Details will Surface

The prototype is a great way to represent your application, however it is not an actual application. While developing the walking skeleton we may find some gaps in the workflow or the need to present some additional information.

Source : https://www.saasvp.io/

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