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Control Center

Easy to use

Simple and intuitive design to ensure fast and seemless interactions. The console gives access to simple graphical dashboards, as well as in-depth reports.

Multi-purpose functionality

From overseeing office attendance to preparing daily timesheets; individual entries and exits control to global reporting capabilities.

Anytime, Anywhere, Any device

Access the Control Center from the office or on-the-go. The interface is optimized for desktop and tablet displays, but also works on mobile.

Mobile App

Even faster check-in

Checking in and out from the office premises only takes a swipe. And since all required data is already securely stored, there is no need to input anything.

Connected to SafeEntry

No more waiting at the front door to scan the QR code. When checking in and out, the information is automatically uploaded to SafeEntry.

Manage appointments

Teams and personal appointments are managed through the system and displayed in the app. Notifications can help users to recall the important meetings.



Oversee any entries and exits from the office premises. The users management console shows the status for each employee, in real time.

Identifiy attendance issues in the glance of an eye from the dashboard. Then explore in detail to discover how to resolve this.


Reporting capabilities allow to look back at the attendance data on any past day. It makes it a breeze to print out Timesheets or account for sick leaves.

Access real time attendance to streamline your Emergency Response Plan, for instance during a building evacuation exercise.


Teams’ agenda is a simple way to plan the office organisation. Whenever a change occurs to an event, team members are automatically updated.

Creating a new user or changing their detail is made very easy thanks to the user management console.


Automated e-mail alerts will be triggered when the attendance exceeds a user-defined threshold.

Custom alerts on specific events, such as unscheduled entry, can also be activated.

End-user alerting capability is available through in-app notifications.


Personal data is securely stored with a highly reputable cloud provider. All data transfers are encrypted and secured with username and password.

In compliance with PDPA, our privacy policy states that personal data is only collected as needed, and will never be shared with anyone.


The Control Center dashboard provides clear indicators and data visualization. It only takes a few seconds to understand the global attendance figures.

The Detailed Activity report contains data in a raw format that can be input in any Business Intelligence software to get even better insights.

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