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Sainapse : Redefining Automation

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Artificial intelligence is nothing but human intelligence executed through machines. Machines with artificial intelligence derive their blueprints from human knowledge and human inputs. Despite their benefits, companies face many issues while adopting AI and incorporating it into its core structure. Some of these hurdles can be enlisted as follows:

  • Fear of automation

  • The large size of data renders assortment difficult

  • Choice of the right algorithm which requires a lot of unanimous thought

  • Shortage of data scientists

These firms require a helping hand to successfully utilize AI services without incurring any losses. ‘SAINAPSE’ is one such platform that allows the clients to reliably use their automated systems for better outputs.

Global corporations frequently struggle to manage as many web-fronts as they have nations and languages in which they operate. Global firms are forced to settle with this costly and difficult-to-maintain manner of working due to the complexity of managing languages, not just country-specific product versions. Such hurdles have been overturned significantly by ‘Sainapse’.

What they do

‘Sainapse’ works towards creating cases with a specific category, classification, priority, severity, and routing by independently understanding the context from client questions across languages and channels. ‘Sainapse’ uses the autonomy of a Bayesian Model to detect languages. It has already been tested for over 100 languages. The company offers problem-solving methods through the input of something as simple as an attachment or a pdf or a drawing or an excel sheet. A broken car, a non-functional home appliance, a piece of misbehaving electronic equipment or a manufacturing defect, ‘Sainapse’ only demands a picture and allows its Artificial Intelligence systems to identify the problem and devise its solution. In large firms, data duplication poses a major issue as browsing for one form of data in the firm directory may show results of similar data with minor differences. The AI systems of ‘Sainapse’ perform a de-duplication of this data and present them in the most original format.

Sainapse Language Switch offers customers a unified engagement platform whereby they can use their preferred language. Behind this switch, all of Sainapse’s features, including triaging, multi-source recommendation, cross-platform remediation, and theme discovery, function in unison, drawing in relevant data. ‘Sainapse’ also helps in the derivation of themes from underlying data

Their features

  • Solution discovery

  • Resolution orchestration

  • Theme discovery

  • Classification & Triaging

  • Security

  • Deduplication

  • Integrations

  • Architecture

Avijit Biswas, CEO and Co-founder, Sainapse

Avijit Biswas began his journey as a graduate engineer at Tata Motors in 1985. He worked as an Assistant Manager at Tata Steel for 5 years and later worked as a Managing Consultant at James Martin and Co. He has been in charge of ‘SAP’ AG’s services division since the company’s inception in India. Through SAP, he augmented transformations in industries like oil and gas, engineering, government, and others. He designed SAP’s offshore services model and established delivery units in India, China, and Romania. He worked at McKinsey and Company and later became a Partner. Avijit started ‘Sainapse’ in 2017 intending to redefine the future of CX. He describes his work and accomplishments as :

“Trying to solve some of the problems that have bugged me all my growing up and working years”

  • Industry : Computer Software

  • Company size : 11-50 employees

  • Headquarters : McKinney, Texas

  • Type : Privately Held

  • Founded : 2017

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