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Saver’s Med Pte Ltd

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About Us

Our Vision: Affordable Healthcare for All

In early 2019, an ordinary meet up of friends comprising veterans from the pharma industry, healthcare sector and general public, touched on a topic close to everyone’s heart; Cost of Healthcare in Singapore. That’s where the spark for Saver’s Med Community got ignited. We envisioned Saver’s Med to be encompassing the following main objectives: Empowering Patients to Collectively Negotiate Best Cost of Medicines/Prescriptions Making self-pay healthcare more affordable for everyone by better managing their prescriptions

Everyone speaks about healthcare costs all over the world, from the governments, politicians and industrial partners. Consumers/patients always end up struggling with ever-increasing costs, especially prescription costs. Prices of medications are high, especially for those who pay out-of-pocket.

Clinics are not allowed to advertise discounts and promotions to patients. It has not been a practice for doctors to offer discounts to patients when they sell the medicines they prescribe from their clinics.

Main Strength in Saver’s Med Business Model:

Social enterprise façade. Neither are we an alternate distributor, wholesaler or pharmacy. Not a competition to existing distributors, clinics or pharmacies. First mover advantage with high barrier for new entrants.

In 3 years Saver’s Med wants to have 100,000 members signed up and purchasing their discounted long-term meds generating about $75 million sales. Saver’s Med will charge a 5% transactional fee earning about $3.75 million. Massive opportunity to earn by selling other OTC and supplements to members using wholesale direct to consumer approach. MOU signed with a leading pharmaceutical distributor/wholesaler to partner Saver’s Med and fulfill the objective. (Proof of Concept) Many clinics already agreed in principle to be listed on our portal as one of the prescription collection units clearly show that it will be a win-win for patient group industry partnership. (Proof of Concept) Straits Times Health Desk has already reviewed and approved a story to be published on our concept, to be published when we launch. This will be a massive boost to our marketing initiatives. Web portal development project ($30,000) secured as convertible loan and work commenced by RMA Group, to develop Saver’s Med portal’s full functionality including secure member page, payment gateway, e-commerce facilities etc.

Power of Collective

Saver’s Med allows patients to join forces to form a collective which enables us to negotiate for better prices for our prescription meds. This will help us save hundreds of dollars in healthcare expenditure annually.

Few Steps to Start Saving

  • Sign Up at Saver’s Med

  • Receive discount updates as others join the collective

  • Pay the discounted price and receive collection receipt online

  • Collect medicines at your choice Pharmacy*


Saver’s Med Community would like to thank all friends and supporters who have helped and contributed in so many ways to set up this platform. They believed in the concept behind Saver’s Med, the power of collective, and how it has the potential to make a difference in society by helping members better manage their healthcare expenses.

As the community continues to grow, we welcome any form of help or ideas from members that can improve this platform further and help us achieve our common objective together.

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