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Tell us about Scribe. Its vision and mission.

Scribe Technology Solutions empowers healthcare providers in creating and managing medical records. More than 50,000 healthcare professionals use our solutions.

Scribe’s cloud-enabled platform returns flexibility, control, and productivity to healthcare providers.

We restore physician productivity through simplified and easy to use apps and services. Our responsive approach to meeting challenges delivers improved patient care and practice profitability.

What were the confinements you faced at the time of inception.

Mark D. Boyce, Scribe’s founder and CEO, recognized that many external forces, including more governmental requirements such as HIPAA and Meaningful Use, complex requirements from health insurers, and rapid advancements in technologies were not being harnessed to help the actual delivery of healthcare to patients.

Providers were spending time on regulatory tasks and healthcare’s most valuable assets – physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses – were not delivering patient care at the level they were trained to do.

The first challenge was understanding the nature of the problem and then developing a software solution that could ease that administrative burden, be easy to use for providers, and that would integrate with – not replace – the costly EMRs that they were currently using while freeing them to focus on what matters most – patient care.

What unique services do you provide to the customers? Why should one prefer you?

Scribe provides a complete spectrum of patient encounter workflow solutions to record, manage, complete, and communicate clinical documentation that can be combined in any way to solve the individual organization’s needs. The company works with each practice to learn about the providers’ workflow and goals to engineer the processes that fit best their distinct needs.

Its premiere solution, ScribeMobile is an app for both Android and iOS mobile devices such as phones and tablets that gives providers greater freedom to focus on their patients instead of being tied to their computers and keyboards. The application gives providers the ability to capture patient encounters quickly and efficiently, along with the ability to review, approve, and access patient documents and schedules at any time, and any place. Smartphones and tablets are present in all areas of modern life, and ScribeMobile can be used for a full range of clinical documentation needs. Scribe’s unique voice recognition solution, ScribeNow!, has made these processes even more accessible for providers.

Scribe TeleCare is an innovative solution that is providing opportunities for healthcare providers to continue to service their clients AND have completed documentation to support the care of their patients and facilitate reimbursement with one easy to use tool.

What personality attributes and capabilities do you believe are required to enhance and promote health solutions providing services?

Adaptability, listening to our customers, understanding the changing healthcare system environment and a team that works well together.

Share about your journey from the beginning.

Boyce noticed that only an exceedingly small amount of the information created during a patient encounter was used to better the delivery and documentation of health information. Boyce recognized that both providers, healthcare systems, and patients would benefit by utilizing technology to capture and analyze that information.

Technology was not solving the issues presented to the providers at that time, and the company first looked at better ways to complete clinical documentation focusing on Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and patient encounters. Scribe developed solutions that could streamline the steps between the patient encounter and receiving final reports, without adding extra work and minimal expense for practitioners.

Why us?

How do you manage the promotion of your project through social media outreach and email campaigns?

We reach new customers primarily through word of mouth. Our satisfied customers are the best promotion possible.

What do you think about the expansion of Scribe? What will be the plan?

We are always monitoring trends and technologies that are changing within the industry. Our solutions evolve as a result of these changes. Our focus is on keeping our customers satisfied with the level of service we provide and expansion continues to occur at the rate where that quality of service is not sacrificed.

How do you see the future of healthcare in nearby times?

Healthcare is continually changing, from new technologies to the way it is delivered. Most healthcare institutions, including those affiliated with universities, needs to be more flexible and adapt more quickly. Understanding technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help them understand data, simplify their processes, and as a result be able to focus more on patient care. We can help healthcare providers understand how to make adaptations that will improve their productivity, profitability, and delivery of patient care.

Can you describe emerging trends you noticed HEALTHCARE industry?

Scribe launched a telehealth solution, Scribe TeleCare, in the spring of 2020, just as the COVID19 pandemic was surging. Telehealth services became popular with patients and many doctors. We expect that consumer demand will push health systems, insurers, and governmental regulatory agencies to continue that option for many types of patient visits.

As mobile devices continue to be used in healthcare, our ScribeNow! Speech recognition solutions will be valuable tools providers can use to simplify their documentation needs.

Please tell us if there is a useful solution to the current COVID19 scenario?

We believe the best solution is to trust the science and to pay attention to the changes in delivery, including telehealth, that was seen during the pandemic.

Our Workforce

Scribe’s team is composed of people with extensive experience in the healthcare technology industry. And as the entire workforce works remotely, there aren’t the constraints of geography; the best person for a position can live in any corner of the country.

Scribe’s leadership can count on the expertise each employee brings to their position to make the best decisions that align with the company’s goals and missions.

  • Year of Founding : 2001

  • Funding Information : NA

  • Founding Members : Mark D. Boyce, President and CEO

  • Office Locations : HQ in Naples, Florida

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