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Seesaw Learning

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What are they?

Co-Founded by Carl Sjogreen, Seesaw is a collaborative learning platform that brings together instructors, students, and families to help kids learn more deeply. Students create, reflect, collaborate, and make their learning visible, while teachers develop and facilitate dynamic learning experiences. Families actively support and celebrate student learning. Seesaw is utilized by millions of K-12 children in over half of all schools in the United States, and 15% of all teachers use it every day. Their goal is to create an environment where students are motivated to achieve their full potential. They’re a group of engineers, educators, and lifelong learners that wake up every day to ignite kids’ enthusiasm for learning and overcome the obstacles that teachers and administrators confront in doing so.

What is the purpose of Seesaw?

Every month, over 10 million teachers, students, and family members use Seesaw in more than 75 percent of U.S. schools. Your work at Seesaw will have a wide audience and a significant impact. For millions of students, Seesaw is at the center of their learning. Their platform fosters innovation and feedback, which motivates students to study. Remote learning solutions are more important than ever. Seesaw allows students to learn in a meaningful way from anywhere. Furthermore, Seesaw demonstrates that it is feasible to engage in a significant goal while also developing an attractive, long-term business. They’re a prosperous business that’s still expanding rapidly.

Their values


Both their users and internal team members value inclusivity.

From a product perspective, they’re always thinking about how to make Seesaw as inclusive as possible. For their company, thinking through a diverse, egalitarian, and inclusive lens is crucial. It’s how they can give their users the finest service possible. Students of all grade levels, as well as parents and teachers from varied socioeconomic, cultural, and educational backgrounds, must be able to utilize Seesaw with ease. They cater to a wide range of people and create features that make it simple to connect people from different backgrounds.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are also crucial at the company level. They ensure that their personnel programs are fair, and they’re continually searching for methods to improve or modify procedures. They use technologies like Officevibe to poll employees regularly to help them find areas where they can improve and keep staff engaged. At the management level, they’ve invested in DEI training, and all of their new hires go through DEI onboarding. Their DEI Committee (which includes a variety of teams and identities) selects an educational emphasis each quarter to raise DEI awareness inside the firm.


They serve a variety of customers at Seesaw, which makes the development of their product both exciting and hard. While their primary focus is on kids, teachers, and parents, they also offer a product for school administrators and technicians who set up and operate Seesaw (enabling teachers to then implement and use the platform).

You’ll go through their onboarding process, which includes a visit to one of their schools, during your first month at Seesaw. You’ll go into a real classroom and watch how actual teachers and students interact with Seesaw in real-time. When you walk into a classroom, you’ll feel empathy for both the teachers (who are dedicated to engaging their kids) and the children (who are curious about everything and can be easily distracted). Whether it’s a 2nd-grade math lesson concentrating on long subtraction or a Kindergarten classroom practicing reading, you’ll be able to witness kids and teachers interacting with Seesaw firsthand.

  • Industry : Computer Software

  • Company size : 51-200 employees

  • Headquarters : San Francisco, California

  • Type : Privately Held

  • Founded : 2015

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