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The team at Selleo has been fantastic to work with. They are highly skilled and knowledgeable programmers and designers who are very conscientious of delivering the best product possible.

We support SMEs in their efforts to develop IT infrastructure for a better match with the ever changing e-Business environment. In doing so, we design, develop, integrate and maintain custom e-business web and mobile applications and advice on e-business web technology issues.

Below are the highlights of the interview conducted between SwiftNLift Business Magazine and Jamie Engel Founder, Selleo.

Please tell us about your journey.

For over ten years Selleo has delivered professional services on more than 150+ software development projects for clients from Europe, the US, Canada, and Australia, designing and building a number of applications throughout a wide spectrum of business domains, industries, and technologies (Ruby on Rails, ReactJS, React Native, EmberJS, Elixir).

Extend your in-house team whenever you want to handle a new project, deliver essential features or need a staff with specialized skills or industry expertise, our full-stack developers help you to increase overall productivity. We work in collocated agile teams crafting web and mobile applications with an entrepreneurial sense of ownership.

How your organization does stand different than others than those who are already into this?.

Through the years we have gathered a broad spectrum of specialization in the development of custom SaaS and cloud-based business process management tools, digital dashboards, LMS and e-learning services, AdTech and marketing platforms, data analytics and processing solutions.

We enable clients to efficiently optimize and innovate processes, products, and business ventures by developing single page applications, designing micro services architecture and crafting web and mobile applications.

What is your strategy to reach the customers/ audiences?

Our expert developers have not only the current capabilities you need but also an ability to build new ones rapidly. With the vast diversity of skills required and partnership with other specialized companies, we can deliver even the most technologically challenging software solutions.

What constraints did you face at the time of inception? And how did you overcome them?

Since 2005 we have designed and engineered well over 150 web and mobile software projects. In doing so our professional community has contributed expertise to boost the performance of entrepreneurs, start-ups and business enterprises. Most of our near shore clients come from Germany, Scandinavia and the UK, and operate in such locations as Berlin, London, Munich, Copenhagen or Stockholm.

We have adopted a process-centered approach based on BPM and SOA and

Use web services technologies with their open standards to effectively integrate systems and processes within an enterprise as well as across the supply chain. We have been programming with Ruby on Rails and applying Agile Development techniques since 2005.

To ensure both the quality of service and an affordable price we have adopted an on-site/offshore-centric model for collaboration and often visit our European clients to deliver client-intensive services on-site. We operate from Poland and use English to communicate with our clients.

How do you manage to align with capricious IT and other technological trends to boost your personal growth?

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We design, develop, integrate and maintain custom web applications for entrepreneurs and SMEs.

We have delivered both self-contained e-business systems and business-process optimization tools. The solutions support front- and back-office processes in the B2C and B2B fields.

We have served entrepreneurs and entrepreneur-and-CTO-based startups, where we acted as a de facto exclusive development partner and IT department; on such occasions, we have either developed the applications from scratch or took them over from other service providers.

We have served entrepreneurs and entrepreneur-and-CTO-based startups, where we acted as a de facto exclusive development partner and IT department; on such occasions, we have either developed the applications from scratch or took them over from other service providers.

  • Cost-effective Development

We all speak English and work from one office. Our accessibility and strategic feedback ensure broadband communications, productivity and efficient delivery.

  • Cross-functional Agile Team

We work in Scrum and have a sense of ownership. Designers and developers care about clients showing initiative and a proactive approach to problem-solving.

  • Technology Expertise

Leverage the up-to-dateness of our technical skills, high-quality coding practices and expertise in making architectural decisions related to custom software development.

We provide a wide spectrum of services to support our clients throughout the entire life cycle of software development

  • Assistance with scoping and technical specification development, offering technical and business insights gained from our previous projects

  • design and develop custom software applications and integrate them with legacy and third-party systems and services

  • maintain, support and upgrade the applications to meet the changing requirements of the volatile business environment our clients operate in

*This story is covered by Swiftnlift Business Magazine

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