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Sensorla – End-To-End Iot Platform For Cleaning, Ifm And Nursing Home Industries

Sensorla is the platform for the Facilities Management (FM) industry. The current industry is labor-intensive and not much has changed over the last few decades. This is evident through the push of a Progressive Wage Model, The Real Estate Industry Transformation Map, and Outcome-Based Contracting for the cleaning and landscape industry.

Sensorla provides the necessary range of sensors to completely convert your scheduled cleaning to on-demand cleaning. Sensoria’s sensors pre-process data on-site before sending it over to the cloud to accelerate information handling in the cloud. Customer satisfaction is achieved as toilet cleaning is triggered before a customer complains. Cleaning effort is maximized as it is on an on-demand basis.


W.R.I.S.T Manager is a web portal that allows for pre-planning and ad-hoc task assignments to the workforce.  Further, it allows for integration to third-party applications and devices. Now you can insert ad-hoc work orders and delegate them to the ground staff. The core system behind all workforce planning, control, and command for operation, administration, data analytics, device management, and integrations.

The W.R.I.S.T Smartband is designed for your onsite specialists such as technicians, cleaners, or security staff. It would serve both as a task management tool as well as a health & safety monitoring device. You can get real-time analysis of field staff activities to reduce workforce idling. Potentially, you could have the same supervisor managing more cleaners/security personnel/technicians. At the same time, these on-the-ground staff can contribute to more productive use of their time and complete more tasks effectively.


More and more organizations are choosing supplier-hosted services from the cloud: SaaS. TOPdesk is a Service that offers a comprehensive tool with all the ease of SaaS. You run a professional service desk, while they manage and maintain your TOPdesk solution. Benefit from carefree access to their software from anywhere in the world. Save both time and money, while focusing on your core tasks.

Ten Reasons to Choose TOPdesk

  • Choosing a clear vision
  • And of course: software that makes you enjoy your work even more!
  • Easy, smooth implementation
  • Customer-friendly and customer-focused
  • Benefit from the cloud
  • More freedom without limitations
  • Your entire process is managed efficiently
  • Seamless integration with other systems
  • Standard and simple
  • Easier collaboration across departments

FM companies struggle to comply with the business models while trying to be cost-competitive. Through the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), Sensorla introduces devices, technologies, and processes to improve the productivity of FM companies. The founders collectively have more than 20 years of experience in the technology industry; covering product development, professional services, go-to-market strategies, and sales. Through the collective feedback from their customers, they are constantly innovating and working on their products.


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