Top 10 Skin Care Companies In Malaysia 2022-profiles

Senwill Cosmetic Manufacturing Sdn.

9. Yeap Tan Kheng Founder Senwill Cosmetic Manufacturing Sdn

Sharing their technology to satisfy customers halal, industry 4.0 & technologies.

The manufacturer was founded in 2008 under the management of Charmss Corporate Sdn. Bhd. The first commercial network began north of the Peninsula with the production and distribution of skincare, beauty, and cosmetic products.

Divided as an SME (small and medium enterprise) comprising functional and functional office centers and departments, research, and development center, manufacturing industry, quality assurance, quality control, packaging, store maintenance, and delivery of day-to-day interaction. jobs.

Manufacturer Production has grown from a peak of 8 to about 30 people by 2015. Understandably, the value increases as the plant grow larger and stronger.

Business Trends

Since its inception in 2002, it has been the focus of the company’s quintessence of efficient and cost-effective management.

  • Current Business Trends

Included are well-trained staff to maintain and carry out business transactions in providing day-to-day operations. Their pride has reached a high level of recognition by offering a wide range and variety from skincare, hair care, beauty and cosmetics, healthy foods, and nutritional supplements.

  • Future Business Trends

No one knows better than they do to meet the larger and larger market demand of the future. Production of healthy additives and pharmaceutical products known as additions to product trays in 2015 is expected to increase in 2017. Today’s population is in dire need of pharmaceutical products to solve modern diseases.

Low-fat coffee, maca coffee, and healthy coffee are considered to be well-known nutritional ingredients for their new active product selection. Healthy coffee, which is literally formulated as a healthy beverage is intended to help patients with diabetes.

  • Business Market Trends

This unique Malaysian domestic product is based in Penang, the second largest Malaysian and the northernmost island city of the Peninsula Malaysia. The product has been growing rapidly over the past thirteen years not only nationwide but also in the region as a whole, namely Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, and China.

In the five years since 2010, the local halal type is on the right track to record real progress in other regions, a few to be named after Egypt, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, and Turkey. The good news is in 2015, the product retains its base in Iran and Kazakhstan. Sooner or later, products will enter new lands.

Their Value

Nor does it grow and there are no disappointing or contradictory reasons why managers abandon policies on high efficiency and production of the most trusted and manufactured domestic products as it remains essential to meet global expectations.

Their Mission

The manufacturer is recognized as the sole provider of the solution with great pleasure in obtaining expertise tailored to the needs of clients with integrity that transforms a thousand opportunities into many possible solutions:

  • Top RELIABLE products for homeowners
  • A-global recognition BRAND
  • Live Style in the digital age PROMOTION
  • Aggressive, Creative & Innovative with quality built for ODM and OFM
  • A level that offers selections, a QUALITY product series

Their Vision

Sharing their technology to H.I.T cosmetic in beauty messages to satisfy customers halal, industry 4.0 & technologies.


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