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Shades Of Things Pte. Ltd.

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 Shades Of Things Pte. Ltd. –  Build State-Of-The-Art AI And Deep Learning Models And Custom Iot Devices To Transform The Healthcare Industry Digitally

Shades of things Pte. Ltd. (SoT) defines ‘culture’ as a simple set of corporate values that define how they operate – Care, Innovation, Trust, and Diligence. They build state-of-the-art AI and deep learning models and custom IoT devices to transform the healthcare industry digitally. They focus on an early and accurate diagnosis and condition management for a healthy and speedy recovery. The products they develop are critical to keep their patients secure and make medical services more efficient.

Wound healing is a complex regeneration process characterized by intercalating degradation and reassembly of connecting tissues and the epidermal layer. Wound care issues lead to a tremendous burden for patients and health care systems, with significant medical, social, psychological, and economic impacts. They introduce state-of-the-art NextGen deep learning AI models designed to detect & measure anatomical and cellular structures, tissue segmentation, computer-aided disease diagnosis, and prognosis.

Its Features:

  • Accurate Measurement: Real-world accurate measurements of wound and peri-wound identified by AI and Deep Learning and coordinate geometry concepts from 2D images.
  • Depth of Wound: Real-world depth measurement is computed by normalizing the wound’s planar inclination in a 2d image.
  • Tissue Classification: Deep Machine Learning model to identify 22 different tissue types and their characteristics.
  • 3D Model: Sophisticated graph algorithms to compute 3D mesh and develop a 3D model by using 2D wound images.
  • Healing Score: A unique customized AI | DL model to compute/calculate a healing score.
  • Comparative Analysis: Comparing different attributes of the wound over a while to determine progress.
  • Prescription Standardisation: Standardized treatment/management protocol is prescribed to patients based on system-recommended medicines and bandages, with clinicians’ consent.
  • Treatment Compliance: Tracking the treatment adherence as per the scheduled prescription.
  • Wound Dressing Guide: Patients are explicitly instructed on how to clean and dress a wound in a correct manner using interactive representation.
  • Video consultation: Video consultation to monitor the wound remotely, address patient concerns; thus, optimizing the visit & engagement time.

How does it work?

The sensors in smart bandages keep a stern check on the redness, swelling, exudate level, pH, and temperature in and around the wound area to ensure a timely change in the bandage and thus avert infection. All the patient needs to do is to get Wound’s AI’d mobile app near to the bandage.

Patients on change of bandage are asked to take an image of the wound with the Wound’AI’d mobile app. The image once uploaded is immediately processed with AI, Deep Learning, RCNN models to identify tissues and compute its measurements. On comparing these tissue measurements some time, the platform suggests a healing score. These predictions along with future management strategies are then verified by a specialist before prescribing. They are an advanced wound care platform based on AI & Deep Learning technology.


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