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Shakticola is a future-oriented, full-service design and construction project management company based in Galle, Sri Lanka. We specialize in residential, resort and hotel projects. Our approach to project design and management is based on transparency and open communication. We strive for fair relationships and clear and accessible processes, and the Shakticola model provides our clients with a clear view of project milestones, costs and expected results. Our success is measured by the value we give to our projects. Our design team is dynamic, versatile and detail-oriented. A family of like-minded young people who care about what they do and how they do it.

1. Feasibility studies of projects / locations

If you have land or are planning to buy land, we can assess the suitability of your proposed project and prepare a construction budget to assess the feasibility of your proposal. We can also design a site layout to see how best to use a site.

2. Report the status of existing buildings

If you are planning to buy a property, we can examine it and prepare a status report.

3. Pre-contractual documents

Although construction in Sri Lanka is still relatively good value for money, it is advisable to have solid contractual documents to reduce construction risks.

Shakticola offers the following pre-contractual services.

Creating Complete Drawing Packages – If the drawing has been created by an outside designer who is not familiar with building in Sri Lanka, or if you are just in the concept phase, we can create complete drawing packages to draw your complete drawing.

Top Building Permits and Required Permits – We can prepare building permit plans and do any work necessary to get your building permit.

Professional Team Jobs – Most projects in Sri Lanka will require you to have a surveyor, civil engineer, MEP engineer, and a surveyor.

Bidding Management – To ensure you get the best possible price from contractors, it is often best to use a competitive bidding process to award the contract.

Website https://www.shakticola.com/

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