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Sitics Logistic Solutions

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A.M. Sikandar, CEO

He is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, globetrotter, philanthropist, and music and art enthusiast. At Harvard Business School, he earned a bachelor’s degree in economics and finished an executive program. He has successfully managed various company endeavors, been involved in three startups, and mentored several new entrepreneurs with over 27 years of business experience in India and abroad.

Their journey

A.M. Sikander and Haridas. T. Sikander created Sitics Logistic Solutions Pvt. Ltd. The company was founded in 2007 to provide consumers and employees with services that uphold the highest ethical standards. The founders were offering services to a few corporates, including MNCs, and saw the great potential of Logistics as a Service, as there was a paucity of quality services being supplied, so the company expanded into full-fledged logistics operation. The market was large, and the services available were insufficient and fragmented. Sitics expanded as a result of repeat business from existing clients, and the company’s image as a dependable partner who can be trusted with huge contracts across numerous locations grew through word of mouth. As new customers were acquired and existing customers entrusted them with more business, the company quickly developed from a small to a mid-size company. Sitics was known for providing solutions and taking over a number of contracts that customers were suffering with when they experienced IR or other blockages, and they were known to provide solutions and take over several contracts that customers were struggling with.

Sitics has grown to over 4,700 personnel, adding capabilities in storage, transportation, and becoming one of the first movers into the last mile delivery area. Sitics was able to sign up with the top e-commerce companies thanks to its distinct advantage. Sitics’ benefits have been enhanced by the use of technology to promote efficiencies and visibility, making it a win-win situation for both the company and the customer.

Today, Sitics provides a full range of 3PL services and has grown to become one of India’s top logistics companies, providing end-to-end supply chain solutions. Sitics has also expanded its services, first in South India and then across India. Sitics then set up a subsidiary in Malaysia and recruited a joint venture partner in Thailand. Sitics’ objective is to grow into a global 3PL services MNC with operations all over the world. Malaysia is a stepping stone into the APAC market, and Sitics has already secured business from major customers such as Mercedes Benz and Continental Tyres after only a few months in the country.

Sitics is well-positioned to capitalize on its blistering growth rate of 40% YOY to become one of the leading logistics companies.

Their services

Sitics has played an important role in the TRANSPORTATION sector at the following checkpoints :


This involves delivering items, raw materials, or semi-finished inventory to a client’s factory, manufacturing, or processing facility.


Transportation and distribution of finished items coming from a client’s facility are examples of outbound solutions.


Transportation of finished items from the plant to stocking stations is referred to as primary distribution.


The transportation of goods from warehouses and stocking facilities to the market is referred to as secondary distribution.

Supply Chain Network Designing

The cornerstone of their business at SITICS is supply chain network design. Their SCND business requires them to serve as a consultant for their clients, designing supply-chain solutions. Transportation (whether network-based or bespoke), warehousing (including multi-user and lease-to-suit facilities), in-factory logistics (to effectively manage movement and storage within a manufacturing facility), international freight forwarding, and certain value-added services are all included in SCND (such as packaging, bundling, quality checks and kit-building).

They also have an end-to-end solution design team that is trained and committed to offering their clients customized SCND. Ther Solutions Design Team’s solutions help their clients improve several supply chain factors, such as cost, quality, scalability, and visibility. Their Solutions Design team assists their clients in the planning and design of transportation networks, as well as the re-modeling of storage layouts, to improve the effectiveness of their warehouse and in-factory logistics operations.

To build transportation, storage, and in-factory solutions across the industry verticals, they leverage technology-enabled tools that they have built or assisted in the development of, in combination with processes and software.

Freight forwarding

Cargo pick-up, cargo space booking and administration, document preparation, and destination customs clearance and delivery are all part of our airfreight service. Sitics directly obtain cargo space from airlines or their designated agents. Upon receiving a pre-alert notification from overseas freight forwarders or clients, they evaluate the projected arrival date and prepare the documentation for customs clearance. They also offer air charter services, whereby they charter freight aircraft for their customers.

Import and export of sea freight: Their sea freight forwarding services include receiving cargo or containers from clients, preparing documents, getting cargo space from shipping agents or directly from shipping lines, customs clearance, and delivery of cargo or containers.

Warehouse management

SITICS provides clients with both individual and integrated warehouse solutions. They currently do not own any warehouses; instead, they choose facilities that meet their clients’ needs, customize them, and manage their operations. They also offer customized billing models based on their clients’ business operations and preferences. Based on their clients’ needs, they procured all of our warehouse facilities through lease or license agreements with independent third parties. The lease or license periods are usually the same as the lease or license agreements they have in place for their client’s use of the warehouse facilities.

Certain technologies are used in their warehouse operations to improve productivity and efficiency. They use practices like the “warehouse optimization tool kit” for planning and optimizing manpower deployed in warehouse operations, a “layout optimizer” for optimizing layouts, and various other technology-enabled tools for optimal storage, retrieval analysis, and operations management to track our operating metrics through a structured process flow for each sub-operation.

In addition, they cater to their client’s specific material handling needs. As a trailblazer, they’re also looking into the atomization of warehouses using robotics and the internet of things to create next-generation warehouse solutions.

  • Industry : Logistics & Supply Chain

  • Company size : 5,001-10,000 employees

  • Headquarters : Palakkad, Kerala

  • Type : Privately Held

  • Founded : 2007

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