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What is SmartFreight?

SmartFreight® is a more convenient way to handle your shipping requirements. Hundreds of possible transport providers and routes are at your fingertips with their shipping solutions, giving you complete flexibility and access to the information you need at all times. They hand up entire power to you. Nav Goundar is the Managing Director of the company

If you’re in the design, manufacturing, or selling sector, shipping is a critical component in the supply chain that can make the difference between a positive and negative client experience. It’s an important aspect of your service offering, but one over which you rarely have complete control. You have no control over a cargo after it leaves your warehouse, store, or supplier.

The foundation

In 1997, they set out to improve things. They established one of Australia’s first generic multi-carrier shipping systems as an early believer in employing disruptive technologies to improve customer experience. They became a market leader by prioritizing the customer and assisting them in regaining control through a system that provided flexibility, transparency, responsibility, and efficiency.

Their team loads your customized freight rates with your preferred transport providers, giving you the flexibility you need when you need it. You are given charge of the business relationship with your transport providers.

The need for SmartFreight

Successful shipment management, like any other supply chain, is based on strong relationships between shippers, transportation providers, and customers. SmartFreight has been able to deploy the latest technologies to streamline the supply chain for their clients and partners because of the long-term strategic connections they’ve built over the last two decades.

They never stop improving as award-winning pioneers of SaaS (Software as a Service) shipping software. As a consequence, you can be confident that when you sign up for one of their solutions, it will not only keep up with your business but will also assist propel your business and industry forward.

How do they work?

01 – SmartFreight® simplifies shipment

In that respect, the company is Flexible. Effortless and powerful. They allow you to Integrate SmartFreight’s® shipping platform into your company to take control of freight.

Their modular shipping system makes logistics simple and efficient, and available anywhere, from selecting transport providers and services to assisting consumers in tracking their shipments online.

02 – Instantly find the best delivery partner.

They immediately assist you in narrowing down your search for the best transportation provider based on your preferences. Real-time quotations are generated, so you always know how much something will cost. SmartFreight® interacts easily with your supply chain, allowing you and your customers to make better-informed purchasing decisions and prevent unpleasant surprises. Any mark-ups can be managed and applied by a transport provider, service, or zone using a web browser.

03 – Figure out which approach is best for you.

In addition to identifying the best supplier, your search criteria can also be used to determine the optimal route based on price, time, and service standard expectations – you can even specify a route with the least carbon footprint. The cheapest path isn’t always the quickest, and the fastest route isn’t always the most profitable. SmartFreight® assists you in balancing customer expectations and business needs.

04 – Integrate drop shipment seamlessly

Your freight is sometimes shipped by a third party, whether it’s inside the country or across the globe. SmartFreight® makes drop shipping simple while providing a seamless experience for your customers. They also make it easier than ever for you to source items from around the world and send them directly to clients via last-mile delivery services. When compared to completing and shipping orders the traditional method, several of their clients have saved double digits on shipping costs.

05 – Know what’s going on at all times.

When it comes to delivery, it’s all about certainty. By allowing customers to track the delivery online, you can help build trust in your company and make life easier for your employees. Every step of the way, from processing and dispatch through customs and delivery, SmartFreight makes it simple to trace a shipment.

When orders are shipped, your clients will receive a branded email from you with all the information they need to track their package on their computer or mobile device.

06 – Use analysis and reporting to gain valuable insights.

It’s simple to get a clear picture of the impact your freight decisions have on your organization when all of your shipments are centralized in one system, independent of the transport provider. Hundreds of eCommerce, ERP, and WMS platforms are compatible with SmartFreight’s API. SmartFreight® is the best shipping solution for branch networks that require centralized reporting to corporate headquarters, including DIFOT (Delivered In Full and On Time) reporting.

07 – On all the time. Always feel safe.

You may use SmartFreight® as a Cloud SaaS (Software as a Service) solution from anywhere, on any device, without having to download or install any software. There are no license fees for adding an unlimited number of users to your account. If you’re a high-volume shipper, they also provide an On-Premise solution for producing address labels at lightning speed. Their private cloud runs on Tier III networks (the highest level in the world), so you can be assured that your data is safe and that you’ll get a consistent service.

08 – SmartFreight® Advantages in a Nutshell

You may tailor your SmartFreight® experience to your company’s ever-changing needs. Some of the possibilities you have are :

  • Optimization of shipping by least cost or mode of transit, whether in the private or public cloud or on-premise.

  • Dropship directly from the source

  • Regardless of the transport provider used, you and your customers will have access to a single tracking portal.

  • With Tracker4Transport Returns (Reverse Logistics) management, you can provide real-time tracking to your delivery fleet.

  • Importing and reconciling invoices from transportation providers

  • Documentation for Dangerous Goods

  • Industry : Logistics & Supply Chain

  • Company size : 51-200 employees

  • Headquarters : Alexandria, New South Wales

  • Type : Public Company

  • Founded : 1997

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