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About the Company is one of the most well-known businesses in its area in the United Kingdom. They were placed second in The Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100 in 2012, after revenue grew from £250k in 2009 to £3.9m in 2010, £6.8m in 2011, and £11m in 2012. They established the firm in the depths of a recession and grew revenue from £250k to £3.9m in 2010, £6.8m in 2011, and £11m in 2012. The company’s revenue has surpassed £26 million this year. Each week, Spabreaks sends over 6000 people on spa days and getaways, and it has a customer database of over one million people.

Our mission

We believe that spa experiences have numerous positive effects and that they can and should be made available to assist people’s health and well-being. We wish to reintroduce the traditional function of spas as places of mental and physical rest.

That is why we strive to make spas accessible and pleasurable for everyone by offering an unrivalled selection of spas and spa packages, as well as providing first-class service and convenience to all of our customers.

Our People, which was founded by Abi Selby, is a spa booking business that works with over 700 spa destinations in the UK and abroad, providing spa days and breaks for up to 6,000 individuals each week. In our Brighton office, we’ve expanded from a small team of three to a family of over 90 employees.

Our enthusiasm, Europe’s top spa booking and recommendation portal, seeks to provide the finest experience possible. That includes excellent customer service, a number of booking options, a vast range of packages, access to exclusive spas and destinations, and professional guidance. All of this is backed up by our best price guarantee.

Our assurance

We aim to provide you with the greatest guidance, the largest selection of spas and treatments, and the most competitive costs. We collaborate with our spa partners to create packages that showcase the finest of what the industry has to offer. We’ll even match the price if you discover the exact same package for cheaper elsewhere.

About The Founder

Abi is a strong, independent woman who has conquered numerous obstacles in her life and has always exceeded her potential. She has developed a successful business that has earned her the respect of both her family and her social circle. grew from a three-person staff to a 90-person staff. Abi enjoys being involved in every operation as the company’s CEO. She does not perceive herself as someone who sits in a glass corner office, but rather as someone who works on the shop floor and is involved in everything from sales to marketing, which may be isolating since the final weight is that it is ultimately your call and decision.

Abi recalls her passionate affection for animals as a child and her desire to work with them — possibly as a veterinarian, but largely she wanted to be among horses and dogs. She grew up in Devon and came from a fairly ordinary family. She went to Glamorgan University to study Communication and Media Studies, then went to school and then to Cardiff University for a postgraduate qualification in journalism and law after finishing her education at a local school.

She began her work as a journalist while still deciding on a professional path before realising that she possessed capabilities that were better suited to marketing. She worked with a small group of hotel spas after negotiating time contracts in Maritime Security post 9/11. This is when Abi realised there was a chance to change people’s perceptions about spas and work with them to help them reach their commercial potential. Despite the increased demand, she noticed that just a few companies were marketing spas. As a result, she created four months after the birth of her first kid in 2008.

The Motive Power

Making the spa sector more accessible has been a major factor for, as there have previously been many hurdles. It’s a never-ending effort to increase therapist training, product availability, information empowerment for guests, and insurance companies’ cooperation. Therapists should be able to personalise treatments to anyone’s level of personal wellness, according to In basic terms, this means that just because you have cancer, are pregnant, or have recently undergone surgery, you cannot have a specific treatment; rather, almost any treatment can be adjusted to accommodate you.

Future ventures

They are constantly growing their product line and aiming to increase their business, thanks to their strong global presence. They are now working on launching a luxury range. The Elysium Collection was created to highlight the gold standard of spas and spa experiences in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The spas were picked because they contribute something unique and

great to the industry, and the packages are bucket list experiences. With individuals placing a greater emphasis on their health and well-being, now is an exciting time to honour the best in the spa sector. Over the previous decade, the industry has transformed, and is ready to take on new and inventive concepts that the market wants. has risen to the top of the industry by anticipating market trends, satisfying client demands, and exceeding their expectations. has established that well-being is not a choice but a way of life, and that everyone deserves to take use of this service.

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