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Sri Lanka: State of emergency

3.Sri Lanka State of emergency

Sri Lanka’s deepening economic crisis turned worse when President Gotabaya Rajapaksa declared a state of emergency amid mounting public resentment. For months, Sri Lanka’s 22 million people have faced severe food, fuel, and medicine shortages, prompting tens of thousands to take to the streets to demand Rajapaksa and other members of his powerful ruling family resign.

A spokesman for the president said he summoned the strict laws to “ensure public order” after trade unions staged a nationwide strike for asking his resignation over a worsening economic crisis. Now Prime Minister Mahindra Rajapaksa has resigned during mass protests.

The economic crisis is not limited to Sri Lanka. The economic situation in Nepal and Pakistan is also in stagnation because of weak governance, increasing external debt and food-duel inflation.

In this economic crisis, the government must protect human rights to ensure an enabling environment for peacefully expressing disagreement, said Amnesty International report.


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