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SRJ Chartered Professional Accountants

3. Shayan Rashid, CPA- SRJ Chartered Professional Accountants- The 10 Best Financial Service Providers - 2022

Providing professional development and tax accounting services

SRJ Chartered Accountants is a CPA firm with offices in Toronto and Mississauga. They provide taxation, accounting, and advisory services to small businesses. They specialize in helping entrepreneurs, small business owners, and healthcare professionals. At SRJ they are committed to providing their clients with world-class service. They are known for their professional development and tax accounting services. They provide services to numerous industries and associations across the GTA.

SRJ Chartered Accountants offers several important accounting services in Toronto for businesses and individuals to help them work and plan more effectively. They are always ready to help their clients with all accounting, taxation, and bookkeeping needs!

Why Choose SRJ as Your Toronto Accounting Firm?

  • Chartered Professional Accountants: They’re a group of dedicated Chartered Professional Accountants who can help put more of your hard-earned money back in your pocket.
  • One-Stop Firm: They can handle all your accounting needs including bookkeeping, corporate tax filings, personal tax filings, HST, payroll, and more.
  • Small Business Focus: They work exclusively with small business owners. Their goal is to ensure your business and your finances are where they should be.

Services they provide:

SRJ Chartered Professional Accountants have always made it a priority to deliver quality service to clients. Their accountants work with you to tackle the stresses of managing your corporate and private financial profiles. Experts in the industry, they offer an array of services in a wide variety of industries. They take the time to understand your needs and work with you to assist with your financial needs.




Whether you need the back-office support that includes payroll services, monthly reporting, tax advisory, or simply just someone to prepare and file your taxes, SRJ can help. Using technology, they can streamline the accounting function of your business. Whether it’s paying vendors or keeping receipts, technology is their friend, and they can help automate many of the mundane things that you hate doing to allow you to spend more time on managing your business.

SRJ’s advisors are trustworthy, hard-working, honest, and reliable. They demonstrate their big accounting firm experience in the quality of their work but do so with a more friendly and personalized touch.

Website- https://www.srjca.com/

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