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Stottack Technologies

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Stottack Technologies is an unadulterated Cyber security organization from Pune. Our group has over 20 years of aggregate encounters in the network safety business.

Stottack Technologies is Cyber Security Company from Pune. Organizations:- Cyber Security Consulting Vulnerability Assessment Penetration Testing Network Security Cyber Forensics Compliance Webapp Pentesting Virtual CISO

Why us?

We have spent an extraordinary number of hours securing the absolute most touchy information and frameworks in the India and now we are prepared to apply that equivalent experience and ability in safeguarding your Data.

  • Vulnerability Assessment

A shortcoming assessment measure is required to recognize threats and the perils they present. They typically incorporate the use of robotized testing devices, for instance, network security scanners, whose results are recorded in a shortcoming evaluation report.

Relationship of any size, or even individuals who face an extended peril of cyber attacks, can benefit by some kind of shortcoming assessment, anyway tremendous endeavors and various kinds of affiliations that are reliant upon consistent attacks will benefit most from shortcoming assessment.

  • Penetration Testing

Entrance Testing is tending to a direct request: “How should a cybercriminal manage hurt my affiliation’s PC systems, applications, and association?”. It is the demonstration of testing a PC structure, association or web application to find shortcomings that an attacker could abuse, reenacting an attack against an affiliation’s IT assets.

Shortcomings could be a direct result of different reasons, barely any key ones being:

  • Flaws in the arrangement of hardware and programming

  • Utilization of shaky association

  • Complex plan of PC structures

  • Possible human bungles

Along these lines, a successful penetration testing helps in finding the openings in the security instruments that an affiliation is using, finds various attack vectors and misconfigurations. So an affiliation can zero in on the peril, fix it and further develop the overall security response time.

  • Organization Security

Association security covers various advances, contraptions, and cycles. It’s anything but a lot of rules and plans planned to guarantee the trustworthiness, security, and accessibility of PC associations and data.

Sound association security controls are endorsed for relationship to decrease the peril of an attack or data enter. These activities moreover enable the ensured movement of IT structures. Association security contains gear and programming progressions and are clearly made out of layers that consolidate applications, antivirus, access the board, laborers, firewalls, genuine access, and courses of action.

  • Consistence Service

Inside the circle of information assurance and protection comes a scene of network safety consistence laws, guidelines and norms. And keeping in mind that numerous associations may have a consistence program, it might risk having holes in the framework. This regularly opens them to the superfluous danger of review disappointment, successfully putting their whole association in danger.

  • Criminological Investigation

The way toward get-together and archiving confirmation from a PC or a figuring gadget in a structure satisfactory to the court by applying the strategies of examination and investigation is called Cyber Forensics. Digital Forensics is likewise called Computer Forensics. The point of digital criminology is to figure out who is liable for what precisely occurred on the PC while archiving the proof and playing out a legitimate examination.

  • Web Application Security

Web application security (otherwise called Web AppSec) is building sites to work true to form, in any event, when they are enduring an onslaught. The idea includes an assortment of safety controls designed into a Web application to shield its resources from possibly vindictive specialists.

Web applications, similar to all products, unavoidably contain abandons. A portion of these deformities comprise real weaknesses that can be abused, acquainting hazards with associations. Web application security guards against such deformities. It includes utilizing secure improvement rehearses and executing safety efforts all through the product advancement life cycle (SDLC), guaranteeing that plan level blemishes and execution level bugs are tended to.

  • Virtual CISO

A virtual boss data security official, or vCISO, is an expert who works regularly with associations to give the entirety of the fundamental network safety support one would anticipate from an in-house senior chief inside a more effective and reasonable help model. Gain everyday network protection backing and guidance

vCISOs lead a complete evaluation of an organization’s security stance to pinpoint shortcomings and improve thier security remaining over the long haul. Acting either as a long standing asset for your group or interval CISO, a vCISO will step in to build up security standards,implement controls, and react quickly to episodes persistently refining your way to deal with address the powerful danger scene alongside industry best practices and guidelines.

  • Industry : Security & Investigations

  • Location : Pune, Maharashtra, India

  • Type : Sole Proprietorship

  • Specialties : cyber security consulting

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