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SUP is a mobile app that helps you find friends who are nearby and available right now for an activity such as lunch, movies or a game of poker! Think of it as Uber for social life where you can “grab” a friend on demand.

‘SUP’ is the abbreviation of ‘Whats Up’! Saying SUP to someone is similar to saying “hi”. In addition, it grants you the opportunity to chat with other users and meet up.

SUP is built for staying in touch with people in your social network: your friends and contacts. Over time, we are planning to add ways to meet like-minded friends of friends. SUP is not a dating app. It helps you to find someone to meet with for an activity. Many of our active members are in relationships and enjoy meeting their friends for a drink. SUP is currently available worldwide.

Need of the App

Remember the time you were downtown for a meeting and had an hour to spare? Or when you’re done with class and are looking for someone to have supper with? In a world where everything is increasingly “on-demand”, we want you to be able to take control of your social life. We are always on the lookout for talent in app development, marketing, growth, design, machine learning, and app analytics. A

world-class team, collaborative team culture, and opportunity to participate in a fast growing tech startup await you.


Download our app from the iOs AppStore now. We’ll be making an Android app available in 2017.

About The Co-Founders

1. WEI QING JEN (Co-Founder and CEO)

Wei Qing Jen is an entrepreneur and investor, who has worked in the U.S., China and Singapore. She was an Associate Director at Temasek, which manages over US$200 billion, in Beijing and Singapore, and started her career advising Fortune 500 companies at McKinsey & Co. in New York. Her passion for entrepreneurship led her to work with an education startup in China, and angel invest in other startups, one of which is valued at US$100 million today. She is a graduate of Stanford University and Harvard University.

2. SAMUEL LIPOFF (Co-Founder and CTO)

Samuel Lipoff has been programming since the age of 3, was co-founder of a startup that became part of the first Y Combinators summer founders class, and has carried a pocket sized computer since the HP 95 LX in 1995. He has been

involved in several other tech startups, served as an expert witness on mobile web browsers, and evaluated and funded innovative ideas at the US Department of Homeland Security’s TechSolutions program. He is a graduate of Harvard University and Cambridge University and is currently on leave from Harvard Business School.

*This story is covered by Swiftnlift Business Magazine

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