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Sustainable interior design & eco-friendly materials

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“Living more sustainably isn’t a hippie thing. It’s a survival thing.” 

We like to have a customized interior at our house or office in order to maintain good vibes. Interior design is a kind of a mirror that reflects our thoughts & choice.

The interior design consists of multiple factors and has to be uniquely presented because the ambiance around you keeps the environment healthy. It’s necessary to have a clear idea of how we will be utilizing the space and for what purpose. Only then can a designer can fulfill our expectations of a spectacular interior.

Before jumping into the design part, let’s try to figure out the importance of sustainable & eco-friendly interior designs and their material. 

This article can be a practically eco-friendly interior design guide for you. So, keep reading till the end.

Importance of Sustainable Interior Design

Sustainable interior design practice demonstrates a sincere commitment to environmental protection. In interior design, sustainability is included in many aspects of the project to ensure high-quality design with short-term environmental impact, waste & pollution reduction. An interior design company with a sustainability study is very careful when choosing building materials that are good for the country. Providing a project solution can also save costs along with customer benefits in the long run.

Use & Growth of sustainable materials

Designers take into account the life cycle and long-term environmental impact of materials. The impact is thought through at all stages of production and after the disposal of used sustainable building materials.

 The importance of sustainable materials today plays an important role in project planning. Architects and interior designers are working hard to spread this concept around the world. Perseverance has thus become an important path for all of us.

Sustainable materials are aging with us as they become an integral part of our history. Doing good requires strength for the next level of thinking, which goes hand in hand with the life decisions we take every day.

Eco-friendly items are essential.

Sustainability has become a fashion in large parts of the world & concern about climate change is rising too. Keeping the need of the hour in mind, many have started looking for recycled or upcycled decorative materials and products to enhance their interiors. 

Top picks on the eco-friendly material list are as follows:


The world’s tallest & strongest grass is currently on the rise as it has showcased the ability to replace various materials that contain various toxic synthetic chemicals. Bamboo has been in use in different parts of Asia for ages. 

It is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world, making it unique versus hardwood plants that take decades to grow. 

Recycled Materials 

The recycling business model has been adopted by many governments, as it provides a solution to scrap & other waste that is spilled on a large part of the land. 

Governments are promoting recycling units to expand their operational capacity to get rid of the waste problem. Metal recycling and paper recycling units are the top units currently active in the waste management industry. 

Jute fiber 

India holds the most prominent position in jute production, followed by Bangladesh. The jute plant is useful in various ways. Its leaves can be cooked or can be sold in the vegetable market, its outer stem is useful for manufacturing bags, rugs, and many more useful products. The inner part of the jute plant is useful in manufacturing paper. 

Upcycled products

Tyres that are of no use in vehicles rather than burning can be reused for physical training, a decorative piece at a cafe, or a unique compound wall inside a garden. 

Plastic bottles can be reused to plant flower saplings on the balcony or can be painted and used as a decorative pen stand. 

Final thoughts

Sustainability is the need of the hour and it’s our responsibility to take actions that benefit the environment to get healed. 

The practices mentioned above in this article are a few of the suggestions that can create a difference if we act together. 

– Parag Ahire

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