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We welcome innovation as a form of expression. Change is constant, and most of the time it is positively embraced, whether it is new technology, new software, or simply a new practise. Idan Didi co-founded Swiftic, one of the leading companies in constructing technical platforms using novel methodologies, with the goal of disrupting the status quo and introducing the world to new technology. Idan, a native of Israel’s “Startup Nation,” had a burning desire to transform the world with his innovative ideas. We present his success storey with the goal of inspiring you to pursue your dreams by highlighting the successful insights of his journey.

The Inception

One of the biggest challenges that start-ups face is to establish a name in the market, in short; Branding. It is difficult to source clients especially in the technological field with the presence of giant companies around you. Swiftic too was caught up in the same puddle. Apart from the numerous struggles they faced initially, branding was a challenging one. It took them time to fully understand their positioning in the market. However, Swiftic knew that they needed to do something different to gain the attention of their potential clients. As they realized this, they worked towards creating the easiest to use the platform in the world and started marketing themselves. This innovative step differentiated them from the crowd and the numbers started pouring in.

The Factor of Growth

Swiftic’s business strategy is centred on maximising return on investment. They’re relying on their satisfied customer to spread the word. They are happy to state that roughly 70% of their traffic is organic, and that their website receives over 100K monthly visits. There are a few app-building platforms on the market, but Swiftic prides itself on being the most user-friendly. They allow anyone, even those with no technological background, to create their own mobile application in about an hour. Having a successful mobile app is now an essential aspect of any company’s marketing strategy. Swiftic and other DIY mobile app production platforms allow small businesses to create apps without having to know how to code. They can also use bespoke use data and built-in features such as push alerts. Their goal has always been to make these special qualities available to every small business or group that requires them.

About the CEO

Idan recalls entrepreneurs seeking to enhance the world with companies like M-Systems (the USB flash drive), Given envision, Waze, and others as a young child growing up in Israel, dubbed “The Startup Nation.” Idan began his entrepreneurial adventure after being inspired by the zeal of such entrepreneurs, and he is now on his successful road of leading the industry with

innovation. “It’s a privilege to strive to develop a successful firm, especially one that offers new technology to parts of the world where they aren’t yet available.” Idan agrees.

Before founding Swiftic, Idan worked in strategic consulting at businesses like KPMG and Tavor Strategic Consulting. He had the privilege of directing key initiatives such as strategic advising for the Government Enterprises Authority (GCA) during the privatisation of one of Israel’s largest enterprises, which included a presentation to the Ministry of Finance CEO and senior GCA officials. His broad work experience equipped him with the knowledge and skills necessary to run a successful business on his own.

Future ventures

Swific is fast expanding as one of the largest mobile app developers. Approximately half of their clients are now based in the United States, with the remainder primarily in Europe. They want to focus on marketing and expand into Africa and South America in the future. They believe these areas have a lot of potential because of the rapidly developing mobile environment. Swiftic’s future looks worldwide, and Idan and his team have big plans for innovation to help the company grow with the same ambition that started the fantastic journey.

Idan was inspired by excellent people, encouraged by their work, and passionate about his ambitions, which resulted in Swiftic’s success. Idan is sure to be an inspiration to many young individuals who have the ambition to achieve as he moves enthusiastically with his team toward a bright future.

Source : Swific

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