Best Educational Platforms to follow in 2022-profiles

Synergy Education Provider Co Ltd

6. Andy Wang, CEO- Synergy Education Provider Co Ltd- Top 10 Best Educational Platforms to follow in 2022

Synergy Education Provider Co Ltd Established in Hong Kong in 2000, Synergy has been successfully and consistently providing professional course concepts and Native English Teachers for 20 years since its inception in educational support.

Synergy is one of the companies listed by the Education Bureau (EDB) that provides Native English Teachers to a local kindergarten, primary schools, and secondary schools. All teachers provided by them adhere to the requirements set by the EDB.  Their team of native and local English instructors can work full-time or part-time at schools as native English teachers (NETs) and English language teaching assistants (ELTAs).  Synergy recommends appropriate candidates to meet the specific needs of different schools. They are experienced and highly capable in classroom education and assessment.

Their teachers:

  • Have had experience using materials used in English language teaching.
  • Can plan lessons, both with and without the aid of course books.
  • Have an awareness of classroom management.
  • Have an ability to teach lessons that include presentation along with practice and production activities.
  • Have an aptitude to gain insight from feedback.

Synergy is committed to meeting its clients’ expectations in the highest quality over the past 19 years. It is their honor to be given these prestigious awards from distinguished organizations.

They are pleased with their achievements but that is not their ultimate goal. They continue to strive to improve themselves in every aspect to meet their clients’ and the community’s expectations of high-quality service. 


  • Listening to schools’ needs patiently and carefully
  • Delivering different tailored and standardized courses
  • Provide services to catering learning diversity

Why choose them?

  • Teachers are familiar with the Hong Kong Education System
  • Small class teaching, emphasizing teacher-student interaction, applying both serious and lively methods for teaching
  • Teachers are familiar with the Hong Kong Education System
  • The teaching materials are compiled according to the applicable books of the Education Bureau

They aim to provide innovative, cost-effective, and comprehensive services to Primary and Secondary schools, educational institutions, organizations, governmental agencies, and corporations. They are committed to meeting clients’ expectations with high-quality service and support, accountability, and considerate price. Their vision is to build an honest long-term relationship with schools, enhance students’ happiness in the learning process and explore your student’s potential!


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