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Synergy Health

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What is Synergy?

They help organizations reach more of their strategic objectives. They accomplish this by introducing new levels of personalization within a digital wellness platform and challenge suite.

Synergy Health (Ltd.) is a company headlined by Brad Norris, Managing Director, and has been in business for over 17 years. During this time, they’ve built a solid reputation for delivering digital platforms to over 100 of Australia’s and New Zealand’s most prestigious companies.

Their team consists of health, human resource, digital, and administrative specialists who all understand the critical link between employee well-being, safety, and organizational culture environment for best performance.

They take pride in designing creative digital platforms that can be highly customized to address specific and diverse workplace needs using cutting-edge web-based technology. They take pride in a working relationship with their clients in which they produce meaningful behavior change year after year, assisting them in achieving their larger strategic goals.

Synergy can supply a variety of digital platforms to satisfy the needs of a wide range of organizations thanks to their cutting-edge web technology.They are proud of our collaborative connection with our clients, in which they generate actual behavior change that aids them in achieving their larger strategic goals.

Their digital platform

They have 3 versions of their digital platform :


The basic version is meant for companies that need a comprehensive online platform to deliver a variety of pre-set wellness, safety, and organizational development initiatives that result in genuine behavior change.


The advanced version is meant for organizations that want a comprehensive online platform as well as the capacity to identify crucial timings of key wellbeing, safety, and organizational development programs to fit with their entire strategy and effect genuine behavior change.


The pro version is meant for businesses that require a comprehensive online platform with the capacity to identify important timings for major wellbeing, safety, and organizational development efforts, as well as the ability to create customized challenges to address specific workplace demands.

Their contribution to NZ Police

Synergy has provided the following layers of customization for NZ Police, all of which are supported by our behavior change framework:

1) Customized questions were added to their Wellbeing Scorecard to incorporate data from their on-site medical exams.

2) Having material created by their team. This has included the following:

  • Constable Bryan hosts the ‘Cappuccino Cop Podcast,’ which focuses on a variety of wellness themes.

  • Blogs that track the travels of employees as they work toward their own wellness goals.

  • The sharing of employee tales, including personal accounts of how employees have dealt with mental health issues.

  • Publication of the ‘Copy That’ podcast series, in which NZ Police interview a variety of well-known figures about various areas of wellbeing.

3) Support staff receives resources to help them cope with grief and loss. This was a response to a co-worker’s untimely death.

4) Polls tailored to the needs of certain employees.

5) Marketing materials were created and the ‘Mate to Mate’ concept was promoted to encourage employees to help one another.

6) The ‘Wellbeing’, ‘Medical Services’, ‘Health and Safety, ‘Physical Education, and ‘Return To Work’ teams within NZ Police created a Safer People Team Directory with staff data.

7) A challenge with pre-determined touchpoints to support recruits to the New Zealand Police Force during the first two years after graduation.

8) Access to non-restricted areas of the ‘Wellness Hub’ for friends and family.

9) A ten-week challenge that follows one of New Zealand Police’s Physical Education Officers as they strive to meet their health and fitness goals.

10) A game that teaches about the history of New Zealand police in a fun and engaging way.

11) The creation of a variety of customized marketing and awareness efforts, such as mental health posters, screen savers during COVID-19 lockdown, and other promotions to help people stay safe and well.

12) The government of New Zealand’s e-bike scheme is being implemented.

  • Industry : Health, Wellness & Fitness

  • Company size : 11-50 employees

  • Type : Privately Held

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