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TAS Energy

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TAS is a multinational technology firm that specializes in providing modular engineered components for data centers and other industries.

Our data centre products cover a significant share of the whole data centre infrastructure, excluding IT. It comprises everything from the data hall to the IT cabinets, as well as modular UPS and electrical switchgear systems, as well as mechanical systems for support and cooling infrastructure.

TAS factory packaging improves speed-to-market and significantly reduces project schedule, construction risks, and expense as compared to traditional field construction.

We provide a variety of choices for developing systems that are tailored to your project requirements. TAS Production TAS modular systems are designed and manufactured in three Houston facilities totaling 600,000 square feet, all of which are conveniently located near major shipping ports and interstate highways.

The following factors ensure TAS product demand

In the Houston area, there is a lot of skilled labour. Supply chain that has been proven to be reliable. Ability to work on many shifts Houston has additional facility space available for leasing. Customer-centricity combined with discretion

The modular sector is extremely competitive and rapidly increasing

TAS products can be customized, and our proprietary inventions are protected.

TAS provides confidential modular products to clients in a variety of industries who wish to stay anonymous. TAS has a long history of maintaining project confidentiality and privacy.

Connections that have been proven

TAS is a Comfort Systems USA Company as of April 2020. TAS has been able to expand its expertise and alliances in the data centre market as a result of this acquisition.With 134 offices in 115 cities across the country, Comfort Systems USA is a prominent provider of commercial, industrial, and institutional heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and electrical contracting services.

TAS has been able to cooperate with similar companies, such as EAS, as a result of this acquisition. We are able to offer our customers a broader offering by collaborating with EAS and TAS. Customer-centricity mixed with discretion is a winning combination.

The modular industry is very competitive and growing rapidly

Our patented inventions are protected, and TAS goods can be customized. TAS offers clients in a number of industries who want to remain anonymous discreet modular products.TAS have a long history of keeping project information private and confidential.

Relationships that have been established

As of April 2020, TAS is a Comfort Systems USA company. As a result of this acquisition, TAS has been able to increase its data centre expertise and alliances. The Benefit of Modularity

TAS’ factory packaging improves speed-to-market and significantly reduces project schedule, construction risks, and expense as compared to traditional field construction.

You may have a data centre built and operational in 40% less time by prefabricating and manufacturing bespoke modules off-site and then simply assembling them on-site.

  • Industry: Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing

  • Company size: 201-500 employees

  • Headquarters: Houston, TX

  • Type: Privately Held

  • Founded: 1999

  • Specialties: Data Center Infrastructure

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