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The importance of a teacher

13. The importance of a teacher- Top 10 Educational Platforms to follow in 2022

Teachers are arguably the most important members of our society. They give children purpose, set them up for success as citizens of our world, and inspire in them a drive to do well and succeed in life. The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow, and teachers are that critical point that makes a child ready for their future. Why are teachers important?

Children carry what they are taught at a young age throughout the rest of their lives. They will use what they have learned to influence society. Everyone knows that today’s youth will become tomorrow’s leaders, and teachers have access to educate the youth in their most impressionable years — whether that is in teaching preschool, teaching extracurriculars, sports, or traditional classes.

Teachers can shape leaders of the future in the best way for society to build positive and inspired future generations and therefore design society, both on a local and global scale. In reality, teachers have the most important job in the world. Those who have an impact on the children of society have the power to change lives. Not just for those children themselves, but the lives of all.

Role of Teacher in a Student Life:

  1. Make learning fun; Their main task is not only teaching but also preparing children for a better tomorrow. Rather than explaining concepts through large boring lectures in a technical way they make their class exciting & fun.
  • Draw Real-life connections: Good teachers are the closest companions of the children. They make learning easier by connecting different subjects to real-life situations. They cite examples & demonstrate how the most difficult topics can easily be understood by relating to everyday life and how they can be useful in the future.
  • Track Improvement & Set Performance Goals: Good teachers always remind their students that they have come a long way from where they’ve started.  By setting short-term goals, emphasizing improvement, keep self-evaluation they monitor every minute progress of the children & act as a confidence booster.

Teachers also help them by setting smart goals that can be easily achieved. They create challenging assignments for students that help them in solving difficult conditions in life.

  • Change the Scenario of life: It is well said that ‘the future development of a nation truly lies in the hands of good teachers.’ What we become in life depends on the good education given by our teachers. They impart data & information in the brains of children to analyze the situation. Analyzing what is essential is the most crucial thing we learn from teachers. From an unshaped stone, they make a beautiful statue. They make us more knowledgeable and enable a proper flow of knowledge from one generation to another.

Why teachers are important in our life?

A child, when comes into this world, knows nothing. He learns everything from the environment & society. From the teacher, he gains knowledge & education, which isn’t possible if there is no guidance provided.

Just like our parents, teachers are also important in our life. They teach us the wisdom of doing everything. They give moral support and encourage us to live equally in this society and treat everyone equally. They teach us the importance of life and show us the right track to ensure that we are capable enough to survive in this society.

Today we should know that only teachers can change the economic, moral & social life of an individual. We should need to respect them by appreciating what they do for us. And pay them regards by giving them the gift of becoming good human beings. Therefore, it is said that teaching is a profession that teaches & creates all other trades.


Why are teachers important? Teachers truly are the backbone of society. They are role models to children, offer guidance and dedication, and give young people the power of education. Because of teachers, countries can further develop socially and economically. Next time you or your community achieve something great, take a moment to think of and be grateful for the teachers who made it possible.


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