10 Architecture & Interior Design Companies in Hong Kong 2022-profiles

The Oval Partnership Limited

6.Mr. Patrick Bruce - Founding Director - The Oval Partnership Limited - Top 10 Architecture _ Interior Design Companies in Hong Kong 2022

Hong Kong is a city that has a long-entangled heritage between China and the west, which inevitably leads to its current vastly diversified culture. With the growth of architecture design and building technology, skyscrapers are built higher and higher. Hong Kong, as the richest and fast working speed city in the world, covers thousands of skyscrapers and high-rise buildings in its limited land. In Hong Kong, the structure engineers prefer to use light steel to construct the buildings. And the exterior wall is covered by a glass curtain. This kind of design is beautiful and modern but has some potential limitations.

The Oval Partnership Limited are Architects, Urbanists, and Designers. They transform cities and create places where you want to be. They are an award-winning team of international strategic planners, architects, and urbanists who conceive and execute leading projects that nurture and sustain the long-term value of a community’s social, ecological, and economic capital. They catalyze parallel initiatives to enhance community and to illustrate areas of interest that inform their process.

Their projects enhance the human experience, tell the story of context, and preserve heritage. They are based on collaboration towards shared, long-term prosperity, and are designed to leave an enduring and meaningful impact on a city’s livability and sustainability. They help their clients to better understand and often rethink their development strategies that create fresh and meaningful experiences beyond expectations

Successful projects invariably tell compelling stories of context and give citizenry new ways of relating to the urban dynamic. They want to have an enduring impact on a city’s livability by supporting meaningful sustainability and honoring the community.

For them, that means creating spaces that meet the demands of the twenty-first century and enhance the human experience. By respecting that people, place, community, and planet are separate parts of a whole, and by engaging them in the process. By fostering and nurturing interactions and exchanges that build livable streets and reinforce social bonds. By honoring site and heritage. And by furthering the long-term viability and growth of the social and economic capital of their communities.

Website- https://www.ovalpartnership.com/en/

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