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The Paloe

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The Paloe Philosophy

Since 2015, Paloe is one of the pioneers in Singapore that specialises in providing CFO advisory and services that include finance function outsourcing, virtual CFO services, raising capital, financial modelling and more.

The Paloe vision is to help companies grow in a holistic way to achieve exponential, sustainable growth. We achieve this through a three-prong approach that sets the foundation for our name and the way we conduct our business.

PATHOS (Greek for “emotion”)

We actively listen to your company’s needs, understand your pain points and work hand-in-hand together with you to achieve your aspirational ambitions in the long-term. (We hear and understand you)

LOGOs (Greek for “logic”)

After we understand your concerns and business objectives, we deep-dive into the hard numbers with a systematic approach adhering to the best practices and make actionable recommendations which help you grow and succeed. (We empower and guide you systematically to achieve success)

ETHOS (Greek for “ethics”)

Last of all, we believe the best growth is anchored on a strong ethical foundation to help you achieve not just exponential but sustainable growth through the ups and downs of business cycles. (We grow together with you)

How Paloe Helps you Grow?

Whatever industry you might be in or regardless your stage of growth, Paloe helps your company grow by leveraging on our four key pillars

Expertise: Our experienced team of finance experts has worked with startups, SMEs and corporations in industries that span across the gamut of tech, software-as-a-service, F&B, education, finance, insurance and more.

Technology: We help you navigate your company’s finance transformation journeys through process automation and remote working solutions that can turn your business pain points into your strengths.

Scalability:We empower your company to scale up finance operations quickly as you grow, through a comprehensive approach or on-demand project basis for various functions that include mergers & acquisitions, exit planning, valuation and more.

Partnership: We are not just your vendor or consultant. Taking your business like our own, we adopt a partnering approach to work together in creating personalised solutions for you whilst achieving win-win success for everyone.

What We Do

At Paloe, we believe that every business deserves quality financial analysis and accounting to support business growth. Our team of finance experts and experienced Virtual CFOs provide a suite of finance services to develop your company’s finance function and enhance business strategy.

1.Quality Finance Services Made Accessible: Discover our range of services that improve your company’s finance management, achieve fundraising success, and scale your business.

2.Finance Function Outsourcing: Streamline finance processes and be equipped with the best accounting practices.

3.Raising Capital: Prepare key evaluation metrics, facilitate your investor engagement, and perfect your business pitch.

4.Financial Modelling: Gain a financial overview of your business, guide your growth strategy, and enhance business valuation.

5.Exit Planning: Develop an efficient exit plan, maximise your company’s exit value, and expedite the sales process.

6.Startup Advisory: Refine your business model, build your finance function, and accelerate your company’s growth.

7.Virtual CFO Services: Get CFO leadership at a fraction of the cost, improve operational efficiency & project execution, and orchestrate lasting growth

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