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The Reflexis Cloud-Based Real-Time Store Operations Platform

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The Reflex Real-Time Store Operations Platform, which is cloud-based, helps retailers simplify store operations, boost field manager visibility, and optimise corporate processes. Reflex’s store execution (task management, store auditing, real-time execution), labour operations (workforce management, employee self-service, time and attendance), mobility, and analytics solutions allow retailers to unleash the power of store associates, providing them with more opportunities for customer engagement and a more consistent brand experience.

Reflex has assisted over 250 of the world’s greatest retailers in improving store-level performance and generating verifiable business value and considerable ROI since 2001.

Reflexis is your helping hand

Retail is facing its most significant transformation ever. Customers want a seamless experience that includes mobile-friendly websites, omni-channel services, experiential retail design, and other cutting-edge technologies. E-commerce is on the upswing, with the ease of merchants like Amazon threatening to eat into traditional merchants’ profits even more.

At the same time, retailers are overrun with antiquated communication tools like email, phone calls, and three-ring binders. Store managers must manage store operations using dozens of fragmented, store-facing outdated technologies, keeping them off the sales floor and away from customers. Labor budgets are generally unchanged, forcing merchants to do more work with fewer employees.

Retail in Real-Time

Reflex is Real-Time Task Manager simplifies corporate-to-store communications and enables stores to respond to system- and IoT-generated alerts with best-practice actions, allowing retailers to gain a competitive advantage from their physical locations. Real-Time Task Manager is a smooth approach for merchants to simplify work for their stores.

  • Connect to a Wide Range of Solutions : Integrate Reflex’s Real-Time Task Manager with third-party platforms like POS, supply chain, HR, merchandising, and more.

  • Create a Single Place for All Tasks : Real-Time Task Manager automates the delivery of tasks generated by the company, the field, the system, and the Internet of Things. It allows store managers to monitor anything that potentially affect customer service in one place, allowing them to respond using best-practices.

  • Prioritize Tasks : Filter and optimise system- and IoT-generated tasks so that only the most important ones are provided to store managers and employees, ensuring that they are performing work with the best possible return on investment.

Budgeting, Forecasting, and Scheduling

Your Store Managers should never have to look at your labour scheduling solution. Instead of requiring Store Managers to create and change timetables, your system should present them with a schedule that is optimised. Your scheduling system should learn from your stores, understand your associates’ lives, and adjust to optimise your store schedules so that Store Managers don’t have to make any changes. If Susan, from the deli, has to drop her kid off at football practise every Saturday afternoon, your workforce management software should account for this when creating schedules.

Now that you have heard company’s vision, see the results:

Schedule generation times at McDonald’s UK were reduced from 8 hours per week per store to 1 hour per store per week, saving 420,000 hours. In addition, the Quick Serve Restaurant chain saw a 0.4 percent decrease in labour as a percentage of sales, saving nearly $5.2 million yearly.

Vera Bradley saw a 2% rise in conversion rates and a 6% reduction in payroll expenditures. Case studies are used to demonstrate the effectiveness of a strategy.

AutoZone : With a large workforce in various countries, AutoZone needed a labour scheduling and time-and-attendance system with more features than their previous system. By deploying Reflex is Workforce Manager and Reflex is Time and Attendance, AutoZone was able to tackle these labour operations issues.

They can now build realistic projections that account for a variety of store characteristics, create timetables that comply with country, state, and local legislation, and improve reporting on staff clock-in and clock-outs.

Belk : Belk realised that establishing a centralised workforce management solution was vital to successfully managing retail labour, enhancing associate and shopper engagement, and offering a superior quality of work-life for employees as its workforce grew.

Belk used Reflex is Workforce Manager (budgeting, forecasting, and scheduling) as well as Reflex is Advanced Analytics and Reporting to achieve these objectives. They were able to raise

revenue by 80 basis points and improve customer service scores by 500 basis points by implementing these solutions, as well as better relate labour spend to customer traffic.

“Reflex is has helped more than 250 of the world’s retailers improve store-level execution”

  • American Eagle Wins Top Innovators Award for Enhancing Store Operations with Reflex is Task Manager.

  • Barry Esposito from Belk makes the RIS News Pacesetters 2017 list for using Reflex is solutions to improve profitability and customer experience.

  • Reflex is Customer; Luxottica wins Award for Using Innovative Technology to Deliver a Powerful Customer Experience.

About the CEO

Reflex is Systems’ CEO and founder is Prashanth Palakurthi. He created the company in 2001, and he and his co-founders pioneered the category of Retail Execution Management systems, which allow businesses to streamline retail operations and implement labour operations and customer interaction initiatives consistently.

Source : Reflex

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