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The Trent Group

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What is Trent Group?

The Trent Group was created in 2016 with a revolutionary goal: to provide a global clientele with more than a century of an international port terminal experience, anywhere, anytime, old, new, small, or huge. The Trent Group was founded by worldwide port operations veteran Jon Arnup to deliver the best global standards, solutions, and practices to quality-conscious port owners and decision-makers. Working with complementary partners who embrace their goals and values, they think that everyone should benefit from the benefits and insights gained from their international expertise.

What Makes Them Unique?

 Their international port experience and knowledge

 Their do-it-all network

 They go above and beyond paper-based contracts because of their strong partnership principles.

 Adding tangible value to a variety of facets of port life.

Their services

Port Equipment Services and Solutions

Their highly qualified port equipment specialists deliver enhanced equipment audits, crane services (including crane repair, crane inspections, and the TrentSIM app solution for online structural inspections), equipment upgrades and refurbishments, and electrical drive and PLC system upgrades and replacements using a globally proven methodology unique to the Trent Group.

The Trent Group also has expertise in the following areas :

 Inspections of structural cranes

 Full finite element analysis modeling of crane structures is covered in structural crane inspector training.

 On all forms of equipment, the design, procurement, and replacement of aging and obsolete components.

 Management of the crane’s lifetime (DIGILIFE)

 Examining and extending the life of cranes

Port Development and Services

They use their professional team to provide a variety of brown and greenfield port development services, ensuring that all equipment, facilities, civils, validations, acquisitions, and performance checks are completed to the greatest possible standard. Trent Global is happy to promote industry best practices by providing vital reporting and insight to port personnel all over the world.

The following are some of the areas where they concentrate their due diligence efforts :

 Civils, equipment, and facilities due diligence and master planning, as well as safety and environmental health checks.

 Due diligence on a portion of the entire terminal, including for port acquisition.

 Engineering due diligence includes assessing organizational structure, inventories, procurement strategy, maintenance practices, rules, procedures, and processes, as well as performance metrics and competency and skills management.

 Due diligence and examinations focusing on IT, Operations, and HSSE.

Terminal Equipment Procurement

Trent’s internationally recognized turn-key procurement solutions can be customized to fit any port or project size.

Their team provides end-to-end project management capabilities, from the establishment of procurement of port equipment specifications (including tenders, negotiations, assessments, and awards) to the design, development, customization, and delivery of sophisticated port equipment.

Their consumers enjoy the following advantages :

 Support that is both comprehensive and insightful

 iSpec is a project management and procurement solution for port equipment.

 Crane design review services that are specialized

 TPI provides services for all types of port cranes and equipment.

 TrentTPI app solution for a more collaborative TPI experience Commissioning and handover help at terminal TrentTPI app solution for a more collaborative TPI experience

 Port operator, OEM Equipment Manufacturer, Major Component Providers, and Trent have a more enjoyable, meaningful, and collaborative experience.

 Procurement and sourcing of old equipment (including used mobile equipment)

Trent Moscord Spare Parts Marketplace

The Trent Moscord Spare Parts E-Marketplace allows spare parts merchants to display spare parts in high-demand areas, linking terminal decision-makers with the correct items directly from suppliers and manufacturers.

The Trent Moscord Spare Parts Marketplace will include the following features :

 Change the way terminals think about purchasing all of their spare parts for the rest of their lives.

 Become the world’s largest online marketplace for port spare parts

 Deliver an unrivaled level of service to ports all across the world

 Become the simplest and most cost-effective way to purchase terminal goods and spare parts

 Facilitate the digitalization of the port world and the creation of a new business process flow to support the port industry’s increasing levels of equipment and process automation.

Port Technology and Automation

With Trent, you can utilize customized implementation, support, and pricing solutions to meet your demands, and cooperate with a team of experts who have seen it all and care about your specific needs.

Trent implements proven port technology techniques in close partnership with a network of specialized and well-established industry partners. For ports, terminal systems, and equipment, they use AI technology, autonomous operations, and automated solutions.

Their Services, Technology, and Solutions include :

 Ai | Autonomous | Automation – Ai Driven Operational Systems, Ai TOS, Ai EAMS, Ai Asset Life Cycle Management, Ai Terminal Analysis, Ai Autonomous Transport & Mobility, BPM Platform,

 TrentSIM – a tailored mobile structural maintenance inspection solution built by crane experts and port people (TrentSIM).

 Trent TPI – Trent’s third-party inspection platform – a mobile TPI solution built by crane experts and port people.

 iSpec – an industry-proven and time-tested solution with a 15-year track record of excellence in the port industry, delivering over USD3 Billion of port-related equipment.

 Digilife – The entire Crane Lifecycle Management Solution – continuously monitors the state of your crane loads and compares important data to established parameters based on the design, specifications, and FEM. They ensure that crane design constraints are recognized and that actions are defined for when the equipment reaches these limits.

Clients include no upfront or ongoing CAPEX costs with fully outsourced strategic equipment procurement services; they only have to pay a modest percentage of the contract value when they buy new equipment. From tendering to delivery and handover at your terminal, Trent handles everything.

  • Industry : Maritime

  • Company size : 11-50 employees

  • Headquarters : Central Business District, Singapore

  • Type : Privately Held

  • Founded : 2016

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