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Thunes Collection (Formerly Limonetik)

Eturi Corp pl9

“Powering payments for the world’s fastest-growing businesses”

Thunes is a B2B company that powers payments for the world’s fastest-growing businesses – from Gig Economy giants such as Uber and Deliveroo and Southeast Asia’s super app Grab, to global Fintech leaders such as PayPal and Remitly. With a single, simple connection, your business and customers can send payments to – and get paid in – every corner of the world. Instantly. They support 60+ currencies, enable payments to 110+ countries, and help you accept 285+ payment methods. Thunes is headquartered in Singapore with regional offices in London, Paris, Shanghai, New York, Dubai, and Nairobi.

Why Thunes collection?

The Thunes network reaches some of the fastest-growing markets in the world – in emerging countries like Guyana, Rwanda, Tanzania, and more. They help their customers connect with new markets, grasp new opportunities first, and develop new ways to pay and get paid – and position for the fast-evolving payments landscape of the future.

  • Respond to changing customer demand and improve the experience: The future lies inflexible payment systems that reflect your customer’s changing needs and a truly global economy and workforce.
  • Be first to unleash the potential of the fastest-growing markets: Today’s biggest markets are not the same as tomorrow’s. They position you to take advantage of new growth and opportunity fast with emerging market knowledge.
  • Free yourself from the complexity of local regulatory challenges: From meeting every requirement, to market liquidity, their expert team has everything covered. So, you can focus on your core business and customers.

Who They Serve?

Their Approach:

  • They support personal economies and encourage global inclusion: By evolving archaic banking systems and fostering financial inclusion, they are helping the 1.7 billion unbanked participate in the global economy.
  • They build relationships, not just networks: They create partnerships between people, not just businesses. Their team is on the ground across the world – and always seeks to add value and build potential in their partner economies and countries.
  • They take their responsibilities seriously: From their relentless focus on data security and privacy through to their responsive support for their customers, partners, and employees, they always seek to leave a positive mark on the world.

The existing financial system is slow, and not transparent, inclusive, or customer-friendly – it doesn’t reflect the changing nature of the global economy and the needs of the business. Their mission is to empower businesses and their customers around the world to participate in the global economy by making global payments fast, transparent and affordable – even in emerging countries with smaller, but fast-growing, economies.


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