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Top tourist destinations in Hong Kong

14. Top tourist destinations in Hong Kong - Top 10 Architecture _ Interior Design Companies in Hong Kong 2022

Hong Kong is known all over the world as a glamorous city and a top choice for luxury shopping. But this city-state is steeped in culture and history and has a lot more to offer than mouth-watering dim sum and an impressive skyline. Hong Kong has an energy about it that is hard to describe. Around every corner is something new and unique, whether it’s an ancient temple, a shop selling the latest electronic gadget, or a man taking his bird in a cage for a walk. Hong Kong has another side as well, where you’ll find forest-covered mountains, hiking trails, beautiful beaches, islands, and traditional fishing villages.

As a Special Administrative Region of China, Hong Kong presents an interesting study in the influences of ancient Chinese culture, as well as its attitudes and history, independent from that of mainland China. Hong Kong is one of the most impressive cities in the world, certainly, but there’s much more here than meets the eye. Find out what to see and do and discover the best places to visit with our list of top attractions in Hong Kong.

Things to see in Hong Kong:

Would you be able to keep up with the hurried lifestyle this city has? The first thing websites recommend is to see the city from Victoria Peak. It’s a city attraction from which you can see Hong Kong Island, the Victoria Harbour, and even the eight Kowloon mountains on a clear day. Visiting the markets is a must, and they’ve been divided into various parts. There’s a Ladies’ Market where you can find clothes and accessories in more than one hundred stalls, and then there’s the Temple Street Night Market where you can find everything, from noodles to watches. In Cat Street, you’ll find antiques, and at Apliu Street Market, you can find electronics. There are also special markets for flowers, goldfish, birds, kitchen appliances, etc. I know there are so many places to visit but I would like to mention some of the famous places in Hong Kong city:

  1. Disney Land: If you are in Hong Kong on a family vacation then, a visit to Disney Land is a must. You can miss out on other experiences, but you must take your children to this magical wonderland for a fun-filled day with their favorite childhood characters. Here, children can enjoy rides, interactive sessions, dress-up, magic shows, and numerous other things. And the best part is that you can stay at Disney land.
  • Temple Street Night Market: Night Markets are synonymous with Asian countries and a visit to one is incomplete without a shopping spree at one of these markets. You can get everything from a pin to an elephant here at great bargain prices.
  • Big Buddha (Tian Tan Buddha Statue): The 34-meter-high “Big Buddha” sits above Lantau Island’s Po Lin monastery, which was a secluded place until the statue was built in 1993. This is one of the largest Buddha statues of its kind in the world and took 12 years to complete. The size is astounding, both up close and seen from a distance. The setting here is also incredible, surrounded by the green forest and views out over the ocean and islands.
  • Wong Tai Sin Temple: The Wong Tai Sin Temple is one of the newest in Hong Kong and one of the most interesting. Located in Kowloon, the original temple was a private structure built-in 1920. It was later replaced with a newer building in 1968, which is what visitors see today. The temple was built to honor the Taoist god Wong Tai Sin, whom locals regard as the bringer of good luck in horse racing and a healer of illnesses. A festival is held at the temple in Wong Tai Sin’s name each fall.
  • Avenue of Stars: For an escape from the city towers to a wide-open space with a bit of culture thrown in, be sure to visit the Avenue of Stars. This is where the city pays homage to some of Hong Kong’s best-known film stars. Like the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, the Avenue of Stars is dedicated to Chinese performers.


Hong Kong is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia. It boasts spectacular views, serene islands, thrilling experiences, exciting attractions, lip-smacking food, and plenty of amazing shopping options. The interesting aspect of the many places to visit in Hong Kong is that there is something engaging here for everyone in the family.


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