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Tutor Suzanne specializes in primaryand secondary school math and science tuition programme, guiding student towards achieving their desired results in PSLE.

Tutor Suzanne specializes in primary and secondary school math and science tuition program, guiding students towards achieving their desired results in PSLE. They are dedicated to providing tuition classes for primary & secondary students in Jurong West. At Tutor Suzanne, they strive to impart solid skills and knowledge to their students in the simplest way possible. At the same time, they understand that kids nowadays face more stress than ever. Rather than adding more stress to them, they hope that coming to classes with them will be a form of enjoyment, where they can learn and excel in joy. 

typical class is conducted in a small group tuition setting whereby lots of peer discussions and class participation are expected of all students. A session typically starts with content delivery of their Math and Science Explorer’s Series where the tutor will go through important concepts with the students. Thereafter, students will be given time to apply what they have learned while the tutor goes around to guide them. 

From many years of experience, they are fully aware of the difficulties that students face. Hence their program adopts the SPA approach, which has been tried and tested to be effective for exams. Their program is coupled with top-notch materials that are extremely exam-centric. Each worksheet is designed to be concise and emphasizes the most important information needed for students to ace their exams. Lastly, they are aware that the best Math and Science materials will not work if students do not have the ideal environment to learn in. As such, all their tuition classes are conducted in a small group setting so that all students can reap the best results from their weekly sessions with them. 

SPA is an acronym for Skills, Pattern recognition, Application. They find that students face two main difficulties in answering questions.

  • They are equipped with the knowledge but not the skills to answer a question.
  • They do not know which skill to apply when facing a question.

Hence, their programs focus on Skills and Pattern recognition whereby each student will first be taught different skills to answer different types of questions. Following, they will be drilled with the most common question types and taught how to identify patterns on which skills to apply.

They strongly believe that materials and delivery are what make a tuition program effective. They have spent more than 1000 hours designing the materials and year after year, their materials have proven to be useful for exam preparations. Even so, they continue to put in hours weekly to improve their materials and ensure that their students get the best practice from them. 

Website- https://www.tutorsuzanne.com/

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